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When Hayden Cameras Attack

The Philippines has been shaken by what most are calling the Hayden Camera Scandal. For my foreign readers here’s the gist:

Dr. Hayden Kho, a minor celebrity by association to Dr. Vicky Belo [biggest plastic surgery merchant in the PH] had his sex vids broadcasted over the WWW. Among the guests in his reportedly 40 vids are a local sexy star, various models, note some of the videos were taken without the knowledge of his partner/s with allegations of drug use it has become the center of attention for big media and the nation.

Sex, drugs and videotapes sell papers and gets the ratings up…

The retards in the senate have begun a senate inquiry for what I think should be a police matter. Countless hours and resources have already been wasted…

Our senate is a circus and our senators clowns.


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Tips & Tricks|Orientation Aware Backgrounds

I just wanted to share some stuff I learned over at xda-dev's forum today.
Anyway as the title states this is about today themes and Orientation Aware Backgrounds. It's really quite simple
All you need is 2 images [3 if you want to change the Start Menu image as well] of the proper resolution.
tdywater_320_240.gif [Landscape Image] = 320 x 240 image
tdywater_240_320.gif [Portrait Image] = 240 x 320 image
stwater [Start Menu Image] = 190 x 290 image
tdywater_640_480.gif [Landscape Image] = 640 x 480 image
tdywater_480_640.gif [Portrait Image] = 480 x 640 image
stwater [Start Menu Image] = 399 x 586 image
What you do is copy the files to \Windows directory and viola! Orientation Aware Backgrounds!
Notes: The theme's default images will be used once you switch themes. So you would need to copy the files back again to \Windows dir for it to work again, what I do is I have placed Wallpaper sets in ZIP files on my Storage Card so I can change and change as desired.…