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My ACER notebook is dead... Wind Coming Back Soon

Ok so after Truecrypt finished encrypting my notebook I restarted it
and bam I was stuck in the ACER screen I couldn't get into BIOS and I
couldn't boot off the disk.I force flashed the newest BIOS but it was no use.I wanted to check and see if this model had boot block but I did not
want to void the warranty so I decided against kegawing that much.So if you have an ACER Aspire 4740G... DO NOT USE TRUECRYPT ON YOUR
SYSTEM DRIVE.I took the notebook to the shop I bought it at so they can take care
of getting it to the service center. I do hope ACER can resurrect my
notebook and that they don't erase my HDD.I also got an update on the status for my Wind U123H which is also in
for repair. Hoping to get that back before my trip to Malaysia.

Encrypting My Notebook

Because security is as important as redundancy :o)

Free-Association: Manny Villar

First, his jingle about swimming in garbage sucked he
got a lot of flack (and rightfully so!) for that and now he has a new jingle which also sucks and is annoying as hell.

I live near Villar's campaign HQ, so I have to bear with all the noise. Also a lot of posters and check marks, about those. If I were NIKE I would sue the pants off of Villar. Is it just me or is Villar's check mark too similar to NIKE's well known logo. Also Villar instantly reminds me of the word villain and I think he looks like he had botox and a teeth whitening procedure done recently. This doesn't reduce the fact that he does look like he is out to cheat the Filipino people out of every. I don't trust this fucktard. Speaking of fucktards... Have you guys heard this sick reasoning on why Villar should be our next president.

If he wins he won't steal so much because he is already rich. Yeah and tomorrow I will stop breathing because I have already breathed enough today. Goddamit no one w…

Waiting for My Wind...

My Wind is going from the shop to the distributor/service center. It's 500 bucks just to start diagnostics. I am pretty sure that the whole case and keyboard would have to be replaced. I hope it isn't too expensive.

I am putting my NAS/Mediaserver plans on hold until I get my Wind U123H back from repair. Still dunno if I will shackle the netbook and make it my server machine or if I should make a low-cost box and use (or sell) the netbook.

For now I am backing up to my office and portable drives (2 locations) and via carbonite (online, offsite). The older of the two sounds like it is starting to fail though, I think I will offload the contents on that to a new drive this weekend.

I am thinking of using either a USB stick or flash card as a temporary NAS (for smaller files I want available via FTP) but honestly dropbox (3Gb) & zumodrive (2Gb) seem to be doing a good job (using the free versions of both).

Soft? Hard? RAW?

Hello Beanster Blog readers!I was a bit bored this afternoon so I decided to play around with my very old (circa 2005) Canon IXUS50 camera.I installed CHDK and am now playing around with, what seems like, endless lists of features and settings… My faves so far are:I can play Reversi (Othello) …Use an egg timer… And also my low end camera shoots RAW.This definitely breathes new life to my aging camera… now if only I remember to charge and bring it along! That being said… very good job CHDK team.

Some “Trek” in “The Wars”?

Watching Senate Murders and it seems to me that Senator Bail Organa’s blaster looks like Phaser from the Star Trek franchise. Looks like a friendly nod to the competition.

A NAS-ty Experience…

Nowadays we are consuming a whole lot of content, this means we have a whole lot more files, which in turn means more stuff to backup. With that in mind, I spent most of the afternoon & evening trying to figure out how to connect a USB drive to our Linksys WRT-610N and have this drive accessible to my notebook so I could use it as a NAS or Network Attached Storage. Setup was done in IE using Linksys’s WEB UI which is clunky and hard to use. The Linksys WRT-610N v2 is an OK router but it sucks as a NASAfter hours of trial and error, I was able to get my notebook to see my 4Gb USB stick. I then proceeded to offload the contents of my WD 320Gb HDD to prep it for the NAS. After doing that I formatted it with the router and repeated what I had learned from setting up the 4Gb USB stick. After setup I was surprised to see that I could only access 4Gb of the 320Gb HDD. So I decided to redo everything and after 5 or 6 formats and setup cycles I gave up. As an added bonus: my FAT32 formatte…

Tips & Tricks|Customize USB Drive Icons

[As you can see I have named my 320Gb WD Passport as TK-320 and put a stormtrooper icon on it, my 4Gb Pirate Nero drive is named NERO ]
If you have a lot of USB sticks or HDD drives (ATM: I have 17 and 2 respectively) it may become confusing which is which. Sure naming them would help but having a custom icon is way better :P
It’s pretty simple and straight forward.
Create a Text Document
Copy and paste this code (3 lines total):
label=NAME_YOUR_DRIVEModify the code to fit your requirements
Rename as autorun.inf
Copy autorun.inf and your icon file to the root (no folders) of your drive.

The next time you plug-in your device you should see your custom icon & drive name.

ADD-obo (yes, I added 2 D’s to Adobo)

Pork Adobo, one of the most popular Pinoy dishes made with soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, pepper, and pork. However over the years I have tasted a lot of ADDobo dishes, it’s your basic Adobo dish with some extenders. Here are a few:
Adobo w/ Egg Adobo w/ Labong (Bamboo shoots)Adobo w/ Puso ng Saging (banana heart)Adobo w/ Tofu (or Tokwa)Adobo w/ Dried PusitAdobo w/ Chicken (aka Chick-boy for Chicken + Baboy)Adobo w/ PotatoesAdobo w/ Shitake MushroomsAdobo w/ Sea Cucumber Have you tried any other variation of the Adobo? Sound off in the comments.

Das Lying Down Game

Never Cry Again

Not A Fan of 3D...

What's with all this 3D craziness...??? Not a big fan of it since it makes me dizzy and gives me headaches... I think the tech has come a long way but here's what I have to say to 3D crazed companies, directors, and movie people >>>
Don't be to proud of this technological terror you've constructed.


Find Yourself // Never Fade Away

John O'Callaghan Feat Sarah Howells - Find Yourself (Heatbeat Remix - John O'Callaghan Rework) – MP3 // M4RJohn O'Callaghan Feat Lo-Fi Sugar – Never Fade Away (Andy Duguid Remix) – MP3 // M4R