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Off Road Trail Tomorrow

Well I just got home from Marc’s birthday dinner and I must say I had a lot of fun. Good friends, good food, GOLDEN SAKE… good times!

Tomorrow we’re going to Tanay, Rizal for some off road fun.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. I’ve packed most of my stuff and am really excited to test out my aquapac with the river. I really enjoyed swimming in the river primarily because it ain’t salty and I think it’s relatively clean. I will be leaving my 2ndary mobile [HTC S730 and my Sun SIM] because cellular signal is pretty weak there.

I am taking along my trusty IXUS50 but sadly I have to leave my all weather case since I haven’t had the chance to buy a replacement rubber gasket for it. I will also be bringing one of my toy cameras, the Vivitar IC100 and the colorsplash flash. The holga 135 is just to bulky, I’m packing 3 rolls of ISO200 film I think that would be enough for some fun shots.

I’ve loaded some podcasts and tunes on my 8Gb microSDHC card which resides in my Treo Pro and I’m bringing along some candy bars for the trip.

Call time is at 6AM, so I’m taking a shower, starting uploads of tonight’s pics then hitting the hay.


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