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Give Me Back My Lighter

As a smoker there is nothing worse than having cigarettes and no way to light up. It is one of the most frustrating situations I've encountered. Couple this with the stress of international travel and you have a perfect recipe for anxiety.

This morning at NAIA terminal 2, I was able to get by 2 security checks before my lighter was sequestered at the gate by a final check. Frak!

It irks me that lighters should be surrendered before we board the plane. What the frak is up with that? How dangerous is a lighter? Seriously.

Here's something for my fellow lung busters. In Xiamen Int'l Airport they have bins of confiscated lighters numbering the hundreds near the exit of the arrival area. They are clearly marked with a sign saying please take a lighter. Quite practical and thoughtful of the airport administrators. This way arriving smokers have an opportunity to claim a lighter and light up as they step out. To this I say: xie xie!

Which begs the question? Where the frak does NAIA's ASG bring the confiscated lighters? Should I expect a 'free lighter bin' when I get back to Manila? I'm not hopeful.

**To outbound smokers leave your fancy lighter at home or pack it in your check-in baggage.

***Photo shows the lighter I swiped from the bin

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  1. That means you should stop smoking!

    ... that's the bottom line.

    ... cause Sovi said so! :)


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