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Bed Blogging

I'm in serious need to get better. Arghh. Looking at my work load for tomorrow and it's going to be a bit more hectic than usual a couple of reports to finish. Then I have to work on an HTC Touch. Atleast that promises to be exciting.

A couple more things about WM6. In the email application what previously was a New softkey is now Delete. It seems unnatural to me to have delete as a softkey. WMP has a new darker skin but is basically the same Microsoft should really improve Media Player for Windows Mobile. Since nowadays mobiles tend to be centered not only in messaging or calling but on media as well. I've paired my Motorola HT820's to my 750v and noticed that it was a bit better in terms of playback. I guess the A2DP stack was improved as well. The Treo now has Microsoft Voice Command (MSVC) ver 1.6 in ROM. Should have to give that a whirl as well. I'm too weak and lazy to blog on my VAIO so I'm doing it on my Treo.

Tomorrow is the last day of July so it's the end of the 1st month of my Cigarette Consumption Reduction Program. Let me tell you right now I'm way over the limit. I'll make a full report within the week.

Well that's it for now. I'm signing off to get some shut eye and hoping that tomorrow this fever will be gone.

Vincent Benedict Py Castro
via Treo 750v + G-Mail

The FORCE Will Be With You Always...


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