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Take The Netbook Plunge

About 2 months since I bought the MSI Wind U100, a nice little machine. I've been running XP for the most part [currently on Windows 7 pre-beta, for the past 2 weeks] and have been quite happy with my purchase. 

So far I have found no need to get a separate DVD drive as I don't install apps via CD/DVD daily nor do I rip/burn CD/DVDs. To get my data off my office PC, I used one of those DIY SATA/IDE enclosures plus my desktop's 2ndary HDD [320Gb 7200RPM Seagate]. With the same enclosure I also used my desktop's DVD-R/W drive [24x LITE-ON] to install from CD/DVD. An USB DVD-R/W drive is 3,500 PhP.

I think UMPCs [ultra mobile PCs] are pricing themeselves out of existence... As a testament to this most manufacturers are producing netbooks but not all of them are making UMPCs. Come to think of it netbooks can be classified under UMPCs. As of now price, OS, screen resolution differentiate them.

What I would like to see on the next crop of netbooks:
  1. On-board WWAN [wireless wide area networking aka cellular data] - we are seeing this in the EU already.
  2. Iluminated keyboards 
  3. Touch screen - provided they don't jack up the price too much.
  4. Better battery tech - we want this in all of our gadgets


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