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Treo Groove

I think I'm back in the Treo groove... I'm typing as fast as I did when I first owned the device last year and am really enjoying the qwerty bar form factor. TBH I wish the Treo Pro comes soon, wouldn't mind having dual Treos as my devices...

Vincent Benedict P. Castro / Bny / 王清河
Sent from my palm Treo 750 Windows® Mobile phone


  1. I dreamt that dream. But then the Treo Pro kicked the pants off of the Treo 750 in every department. So now the Treo 750 sits beside the Treo Pro cradle (you have to get the cradle if you get the Pro! The cradle is seeeeexy!) waiting until all the programs I use have been upgraded to work 100% with the Pro.

  2. Well I have 2 lines so I really need 2 Treos. Hehehe.

  3. Two lines is the best idea ever. I had forgotten about that possibility. I tried it once but it cost way too much, and the other phone was the JAMin which was way underpowered compared even to the Treo 750, so I just ditched the second number and sold the JAMin.

  4. in my case it became cheaper.
    primary line = SMART 800PhP/month [just took it down from 1200PhP]
    2ndary line = SUN 350PhP/month [unlimited calls / sms to same network]
    So my 1st line is for the urgent stuff/data. 2nd line is for calling and sms [we do love the sms here!]. most people here have a 2nd phone [plan or pre-paid] just for the unlimitted calling/sms.
    ah yes the OMAP 200Mhz... I used to have the Dopod 838 [HTC Wizard] and it ran the same processor as your JAMin way too underpowered...


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