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Globe Telecom is in trouble, SMART Communications, Inc. is not that much better…

Globe has recently been dominant in my feeds. unfortunately for the telco it’s not positive news at all.

Globe got blasted for managing their network, which according to the NTC is within their rights, via their fair-use policy (FUP) their official response leaves nothing to be desired and could be construed as a cop-out.

Why does Globe Telecom compare themselves to US carriers? US carriers over-charge and treat their customers horribly. So I guess the comparison is valid. I don't see the US comparison as justifying their FUP but as an admission of guilt that their service sucks!

Smart Communications, Inc. even though I still don't have LTE at home/work since switching (1 year plus) it is clear that their network is better in more places vs Globe (still YMMV). smart's response is a bit more arrogant but they are keeping up for the most part.

The NTC is asking globe to explain the complaints re: their network management tactics. so they will probably get fined, and do some minor changes but unless their network is really robust enough to handle the load. it'll still suck unless you are near a cell-site.

I left Globe towards the end of 2012 because their service became unbearable during their upgrade phase. now that they are done with their upgrade it seems that they are still having trouble. I hope they can fix this ASAP. My situation with Smart is not a whole lot better but it is better than Globe.

We don't need one good enough carrier, we need all of them to be great. Consumers must have choice.

read: globe’s official statement re: FUP

Even more painful is their official twitter response to a consumer.


Social media gaffs aside. This past month I had to visit two (2) separate Globe Business Centers, I was looking to get a new phone line for work. In both instances the Globe centers were filled with complaining customers and in the hour I stayed there I did not see new activations. Contrast this to my visit to SMART, I saw an iPhone 5S, an iPhone 4S, an iPad mini being acquired via the carrier.

Globe’s staff seemed drained and tired, and it reflected in their service. Suffice to say both interactions did not win me back as a customer. I signed up two additional lines with SMART instead.

Out of curiosity. I checked Globe stocks on Bloomberg seems like it isn’t suffering at all. Bloomberg (GLO:PM) – disclaimer; I am not a stock-expert. just think that the stock is looking good at 1,761PHP


The main problem I think is that when globe throttles a consumer from their 3G or LTE network into the 2G network is that system is old and it sucks. This legacy 2G network has terrible speed and it’s basically useless unless you have an archaic WAP phone.

As a self-confessed kegaw this is my un-solicited advise to globe. How about spending that money on better infrastructure. Clearly the upgrades that they have been boasting about are not enough to handle their subscriber base and they need to do more upgrades. While they are doing that they should be inking a domestic roaming agreement with SMART. I mean if you can’t add more cell-towers fast enough why not piggy back on SMART’s more robust infrastructure. If Globe can offload some of the network demand their service would surely improve (or have the appearance of improving)

They need to get their act together before more customers jump ship. I would not spend more money on endorsers or bull-shit PR. Giving devices to a handful of bloggers will not change the negative perception of Globe. The best way to improve your brand is by improving your service. You are a service after all.

SMART should not rest on it’s laurels either. A year and two months after switching and I have yet to experience LTE at home or at work. I’ve noticed that my device goes to No Service more often and I have to turn off LTE slider to get a stable signal. Stop spending on marketing and add more cell-sites.


  1. Globe Telecom, please stop fooling people. Globe offers the worst services. I've been in their customer service office in SM Dasma for a week now and they still are not able to resolve "their own" technical issue. Their representatives keep on telling me that it has already been forwarded to their IT department and that all I can do is wait. It has been a week now. I also realized that their offices are full of people complaining about their bad services while the SMART office beside them is also full of people subscribing to their services. I can see why people do not like Globe anymore. This is my first and last time using Globe's services. I am very disappointed. It also pains me to see how they advertise to people knowing that they are not able to provide the services that they offer. People, please be aware of their crappy services. The rumors about them filing bankruptcy really start to make sense now. Goodbye, Globe.

    1. Thank you for your comment. In my use case it is smart that is getting worse. I guess it depends on the area really. I hope you resolve your issues or get better service if you do decide to switch to smart.


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