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Review // LifeProof fre for iPhone 5S

I'm a huge fan of LifeProof I have been using their cases since the iPhone 4 and I have had every version of their iPhone cases. So when I bought my 5S, I naturally ordered the fre for it.

The LifeProof fre for iPhone 5S. Is basically the same as the fre for iPhone 5 with some slight modifications on the design. So I will be discussing those changes.

#1 The lanyard loop for hand-straps is now gone. It has been replaced with a plastic attachment to hold the washer. While this is convenient and will certainly help keep your washer from getting lost. I still miss the lanyard loop.

Lanyard loop is gone but your washer is secure

#2 The flash optics has a bigger window. I do not usually use the flash but I think it is an improvement over the fre for iPhone 5.
Bigger piece of glass for the flash optics
#3 Of course the home button covering is the biggest change. It is a very thin plastic membrane which allows TouchID to work with the case. In my limited testing I got it to work 4/5 times same as without the case. That is very impressive. The thinness of the membrane does give me some pause but hey I water tested it and it passed.

The home button membrane is so thin... works well tho.

#4 It has to be said that LifeProof has also perfected the screen portion of their case and it's like you don't have a case. The screen is very responsive. Well done.

LifeProof makes the best ruggedized case for the iPhone period. It does not add much bulk nor weight to your iPhone and you make it virtually indestructible. They have excellent build quality and support.

LifeProof fre for iPhone 5S is not yet available locally so I ordered it online via


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