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Climate Change Is A Lie! Al Gore is Evil!

So the debate is over and the science is in. The problem is the debate never happened and the science has been tampered with!

Do you remember that the first meme was Global Warming? Yeah that wasn’t working because the world was actually getting cooler. So now we have climate change.

Mr. Al Gore has been championing the cause and he has perpetuated one of the nastiest hoaxes ever. He stands to gain a substantial amount of money from cap & trade. A proposed non-solution to a non-existent problem. By the way CO2 is not bad for the environment, it is a naturally occurring compound that plants use in photosynthesis. Climate change scaremongers and the new world order fascists picked it because each of us produce it every time we exhale . Therefore each of us can be taxed for it. Carbon credits is the new currency for the new world order.

Climategate scandal shows us hundreds of emails of UN backed IPCC scientists: tampering with data, mud slinging sceptics, hiding information. Thousands of scientist speaking out against climate change are being labeled denialists and portrayed as evil people who don’t care about the polar bears.

The UN! The UN for fuck’s sake is in cahoots with these bastards. They are aiming to make a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT to TAX everyone and everything that we do!

WORLD BANK, IMF, UN, IPCC, all of these institutions are working together to bring about a new world order. They intend to tax the rich nations, to stall developing nations, and to keep under developed nations that way. The powers that be seem to be hell bent on eugenics.

I wonder if we have a representative to Copenhagen (COP15) as an under developed nation we are being led to believe that the rich nations will have to set their emissions lower and therefore we can earn some cash with carbon trading.

I can see it now: Our greedy politicians get an advance on carbon credits we don’t produce, pocket the cash and boom we are in debt with a fictional currency!

I think the Philippines should stay out of this carbon credit scam we have a lot of debt on actual money as it is we don’t need more debt of imaginary money!

Mr. Al Gore you should be ashamed of yourself profiteering from manufactured environmental fears. You don’t love the Earth at all.


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Tips & Tricks|Orientation Aware Backgrounds

I just wanted to share some stuff I learned over at xda-dev's forum today.
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stwater [Start Menu Image] = 190 x 290 image
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