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Could the Nokia 630 Bring Windows Back Into My Pocket?

For my work phone I use the mid-range Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 (GT-7582) it's dual-SIM. My personal phone is an iPhone 5S

I was listening to Windows Weekly 356 (2014 Build Dev Conference episode). One of the hosts mentioned the upcoming Nokia 630 phone.

And I am really intrigued. A dual-SIM Windows Phone! Long time Beanster Blog readers know that I had been a Windows Mobile user in the early years on the smartphone revolution.

I have been itching to jump back into the Windows Phone platform (my last device finally died this year, the palm Treo Pro) but I need a dual-SIM device. This Nokia may be my way in!

I am the un-official IT guy at work. Since Google Apps switched to the paid model. I opted to use Microsoft's free custom email hosting. Been using it for about seven months and I have no complaints. So aside from dual-SIM my work device needs to have Exchange support, I'm pretty sure a Microsoft product would have good Exchange, I need multiple accounts though. Not sure if WindowsPhone supports multiple exchange accounts -- it should!

Regarding apps, I keep them on the minimum with my work phone so it's not really an issue.


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