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What Could Be My Next Primary Device

I've said goodbye to my Nokia N6267 and got a 2ndary Windows Mobile device an HTC S730 for my SUN Cellular SIM. I've flashed it to Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard [read: Smartphone] because I felt that the WM6.1 Std brought more benefits to the touchscreen less mobile OS from Microsoft. So far I am *content* with the feature set of the device, I do admit I haven't started with my review of it yet, because I've been slacking off on the reviews.

Ok so my 2ndary mobile is covered for at least a few months [or weeks]. What about my primary device? I am still using my trusty HTC TyTN 2 which I have also updated to Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. In a month or two it'll be 1 year old which is pretty long for me to stay on 1 device. Sadly there still isn't anything that I am overly excited about.

I admit that the 3G iPhone has me curious but I know it won't do as a primary device. It could act as an hyper connected Entertainment MID but not my main mobile. Of course having to get the device on a 2 year contract with globe and the complaints I've been seeing all over the web is not helping the jeezuz phone's case.

The Blackberry Bold looks really interesting and although it'd be moderately difficult to find a SIM unlocked one when it comes out next month. I still would have to sign up for bbservice with Smart and I don't know how good that is.

On the WM front: The HTC touch Diamond Pro device is too similar to my TyTN2 and I cannot justify changing my device just for VGA and a new keyboard layout. The hp iPAQ 900 series is basically identical specswise and only differs in form factor. The palm Treo 850/Treo Pro is still in the *leaked* stage and it'd be a non standard resolution again.

So barring anything happening to my TyTN2 [touch wood], I think it will remain as my primary device for a bit longer. Hopefully it passes the 1 year or may be even the 1½ year mark which I have never reached yet on any device or mobile.

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