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Tips & Tricks|Adding Custom Sliding Sounds to Your HTC TyTN2

We can easily add/customize the sliding keyboard sound on your HTC TyTN2 [or other Kaiser variants].

First we need 2 WAV files. I have named them 3_in.wav and 3_out.wav to follow how the other sounds are named [you can see this in the registry].
0 = wind chimes
1 = piano
2 = xylophone

Now copy both WAVs to \Windows on your device

Now some very lite registry editing and we will be done soon:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[you may copy the code to notepad and save as .reg and import it to your device registry]

Lastly go to Start > Settings > SlidingSound and select it from the drop down and tap Ok.

You can see it in action bellow:

I suspect that this trick may also be used with other HTC sliders let me know if you tested it out :D


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