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GLOBE x Apple 3G iPhone Lands on August 22, 2008

A little over a month delayed compared to other markets but finally the Philippines will be getting the much talked about 2nd Generation Apple iPhone. If you are confused... it's the 3G version. GLOBE Telecom is selling the iPhone exclusively, as we don't have Apple stores here [Apple stores you see are just authorized dealers/distributors/service centers not run by Apple Inc]. It's good too see that Globe is prepared to offer the iPhone to almost everyone. They even have a Pre-Paid Kit for silly folk who want to pay full price for the unit. There is no doubt in my mind that this will sell well it's an a friggin' iPhone for Steve's sake!

Still on the fence about the iPhone? Have you considered these?
1. Input? -- Limited input. No HW keyboard, no hand writing recognition.
I am still not convinced about the finger only interface, as a matter of fact, I have been playing around with the iPod Touch [my brother owns an 8Gb model] and I am not having the best of times inputting text, URLs and what not via the on screen keyboard. I started using a PDA in 2001 and was really happy with the hand writing recognition and I must say I became pretty proficient with it. Everything became easier with a QWERTY keyboard though and I have never looked back. Almost all my devices either had a 12key or QWERTY input, the devices that didn't have HW keyboards were usually sold off pretty quick.

2. Network? -- How is Globe's 3G/HSDPA performance and coverage?
if you have a data driven device you have to be able to connect, stay connected and browse the net fast fast fast. If you're getting an iPhone to SMS and call only then what is the gorgeous screen and rich safari browser for? Allowing yourself to be tied to WiFi hotspots is crazy... that is wirless but not mobility. A year ago I switched to SMART because Globe's coverage/performance was spotty in my usual haunts mainly MARIKINA [work] / SAN JUAN [home]. Of course their pricing was usage driven [0.25PhP per Kb] vs SMART's time driven [10.00PhP per 30mins] which helped me go to the SMART camp. So can GLOBE's network handle the capabilities of the 3G iPhone?

3. iTunes App Store -- Now open for the PH still no media though.
I reported that the PH has finally been allowed access to the App Store. GREAT NEWS! However I must warn current generation 1 iPhone users and future 3G iPhone users to proceed with caution. Don't go app crazy and over work the iPhone. Keep in mind Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry all have apps too. This is not a revolutionary concept... it's just marketed very well.

4. GPS -- The 3G iPhone has a built in GPS chip but where's the software?
Don't expect Google Maps to help you navigate the Metro. I am curious if Globe or Apple did a collaboration to bring a viable GPS/Navigation solution for the 3G iPhone. Keep in mind you will be able to use the other location based apps on the iPhone, but navigation is a big ? at the moment.

5. Pricing & Availability & Activation -- Depending on your income or how much you want it ;)
It is not the cheapest of units! I am pleased though that Globe has a lot of options for the iPhone good for the consumer but a nightmare for Globe. More options = more orders = more problems. I expect a lot of delays when it comes to giving the units and activating them, Globe is not taking advantage of this exclusive unit... seriously... give me a call I can give you a few ideas about being a bit more wise with your device roll outs

I am still not convinced that the 3G iPhone is the device for me but if you're sure you want one then get more info and reserve your 3G iPhone here: Globe's iPhone page


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