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What Will Be My Next Device?

It is that time of the year again when devices are being announced and are coming to market. But at the moment I don't have a whole lot of choices.

So far it's neck to neck for the hp iPAQ 900 series and the palm Treo Pro both devices have impressive specifications but these specifications are almost identical to my current device the HTC TyTN2. We can interpret this 2 ways. 1 the TyTN2 is an awesome device which is hard to replace. 2 device makers are resting on their rumps and not innovating. I think it will be a mix of both trains of thought. So why am I even considering plunking down the moohlah to buy a new device if the specs are not so different from my current device? Well the answer is in the form factor... and because I like new and shiny toys [errr... tools].

With my TyTN2 I had a bigger keyboard but it definitely required 2 hands to operate efficiently. I do love the tilting screen and use it on a daily basis. I would like to report that after close to 10 months of use both the sliding and tilting mechanisms appear to be holding it's own to daily use.

With my Treo though I had experienced the joy of a QWERTY bar device. It did lack WiFi which was silly for a 2006 device but the from factor was just superb. I could do things as fast as I could pull out the device and unlock the keypad. The qwerty bar form factor also allowed me to do things one handed and do things faster 2 handed. It also added an extra layer of geek peace of mind that I didn't have to worry about the slider.

I think after using the TyTN2 as my primary mobile for just about the same time as I've owned the Treo I am ready to go back to the QWERTY bar form factor. I am still keeping my HTC S730 [yes it is also a slider] for my 2ndary mobile because I am still enjoying playing with Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard.

I have already set aside some resources for my next device and I can't wait for both the hp and Treo to hit the PI stores so I can go and play with them before deciding which to purchase.

Alternatively I can stay with my TyTN2 and S730 until next year but knowing me that will be pretty hard to do. I feel the gadget lust brewing...


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