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Tips & Tricks|Creating iPhone Ringtones

Here is a painless way of getting your fave MP3 ringtones on your iPhone.
What you need:
  1. MP3 Song 
  2. iTunes
Part 1: Prepare iTunes
Fire up iTunes > Edit > Preferences > General (tab)

Click Import Settings Make sure AAC Encoder is selected (you may change the quality as desired)

Part 2: Preparing the MP3 file
Locate the track you want to create into a ringtone, Right Click then Get Info, Options (tab)

Modify Start and Stop time to shorten the track (this is not permanent so don't worry, I find 30 - 45 seconds is more than enough for a ringtone) Once you have the part you want click OK.

Now right click the track again but this time select create AAC version

The converted track (AAC) should appear below your track but this will be shorter, select that then click Show in Windows Explorer

Show in Windows Explorer
Select the m4a file > Hit F2 (Rename) > Change the extension to m4r

Double click the file and it should show up under Ringtones in iTunes

Part 3: Sync the Ringtone to your iPhone
Connect your iPhone and sync (or drag and drop to iPhone)

**edited to add screenshots


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