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Below is my letter sent to SMART to dated today 26-October-2013 Saturday at 2:30PM.

I have removed the SR number, my mobile and account number before posting this.

Dear SMART, 

I do not appreciate being lied to. 

Last June, when my 6 month contract with SMART ended I went to your Shangri-la branch because I wanted to downgrade or switch my Unlidata 1500 to an iPhone plan 999. I was informed this was not possible and that I had to stay on 1500 if I wanted Unlidata. I had no other option. It was the cheapest Unlidata plan they had. That's that. 

24-October-2013, Thursday — I went to SMART Megamall because I wanted to complain about the lack of LTE coverage and inquire about a new line for work, and tried once again. Again I got the "you have no other plan to go to” speech. He explained that iPhone plan 999 was bundled with a phone and could not be applied to my plan unless I wanted to cancel my current plan and get a new phone. I did not want this.

This time however the customer service person took out a sheet of plans, and fortunately for me I saw that there was an Unlidata plan 999. So I pointed at it and said this is the plan I want, after some stammering he proceeded to process my request and it took less than 5 minutes for smart system to SMS me a confirmation of said plan change. So SRXXXXXXXXXX proves that there is an Unlidata plan 999 and that I can downgrade my plan to it. 

Do you train your staff to lie to the face of customers in good standing? At no time did the Shangri-La staff & Megamall staff inform me there was an Unlidata 999 plan. I found out about it by chance. I was tempted to cancel my subscription then and there but I knew Globe is worse (I just switched to your network late last year). So I am stuck with SMART for now. 

I successfully downgraded my SMART Unlidata 1500 to Unlidata 999 because after 10 months I still don't get LTE at work (Marikina) or at home (Mandaluyong). I have complained on twitter, over the phone and in person at your wireless center about this. 

Ramon Bautista (funny as he is) will not give me LTE coverage. I wish SMART spent less money on endorsers, concerts, promos and other BS and added more cell-sites instead. You advertise heavily but you do not back it up with actual service. 

May I remind you that your slogan is LIVE MORE not LIE MORE, a little honesty in treating your customers would be greatly appreciated. 

Best regards,

Vincent Castro
SMART Subscriber. 
Mobile Number: 0918XXXXXXX
Account Number: XXXXXXXXXX


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