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The New Job/s

I'm currently working for a real-estate company which we are investors in.

My official designation is assistant marketing manager, since I would
like to save the starting company some money I am also taking on the
duties of the IT department (which for now are very minor) for said
company. The company can hire a full time IT guy when the need arises
but for now kegaw ko na muna kung ano kaya.

So I registered a domain with and used promo code REV10 to
get a discount on the registration cost.

For email hosting I decided to go with Microsoft's which
is free (for now). I made a few email addresses for the meantime,
limit is 50.

Honestly I would have preferred Google Apps but since it is no longer
a free service I went with outlook. I have a grandfathered-in account
for Google Apps which I had linked to unfortunately the
domain registration for that had expired and it is now being squatted
on by some Koreans (according to whois) -- the situation
is much much messier and I haven't had the chance to really do reforms
that I want with it. I would like to rectify it when I have extra
time. But right now I am focusing on the new company which is starting
from scratch therefore less problems when changes are enacted.

I have emailed dotph (local domain registrar) and hopefully we can get
control back of and I hope they don't charge too much for
it! Medyo taga tong local registrar natin. Monopoly kasi.

As for other social media presence I setup twitter and Facebook which
was fairly easy. Google+ isn't really a priority right now.

For the website I am looking to do it in house (read: on my own) using's excellent hosting and content management system
which is 8$/mo -- which in my guesstimate would still be cheaper vs
hiring a web developer. Right now I am a few days in with their 2 week

Now all I need is content. Working with some great people on that too.

Aside from this, I also need to focus on the small gadget business
which I have with my friend. We need new items.

assistant marketing manager / IT / web developer / social media / entrepreneur.

Quite a lot on the plate. Oh, I'm sure other people have more, but
this much work is all new to me. Hoping I can manage my time better to
allot sufficient focus on the jobs I've taken on especially when
things really get rolling with the real-estate company.


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