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Review|Ministry of Sound: Bigtunes X-Rated (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists

I dunno why they put X-rated on the title? I mean is it because it has some tracks mixed in a harder fashion? Well honestly most of these tracks you probably have already some of them date as far back as 2004 and yet some are from last and this year. I guess MoS expects this to be for their harder edged audience. Honestly the only song that made me wake up [yeah I was actually at the point of dozing off on this album while giving it a listen] was 14th Precint's - All Out Of Love [Uniting Nations Remix] this is one of those singles you'll hate to love [sort of like Phat Beach from last year] it's a remix of an old song which I don't know who did the orig of [I'll probably have to ask my bro] anyway these sort of remixed oldies always tug on my interest I guess it's a sense of nostalgia that gets me I mean I know the song and the tune so listening to an amped up or danced up version isn't as bad for me, I am by no means a purist. Don't get me wrong some of the tracks here are pretty decent and the album art is nice don't you think?


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