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Accessorizing the Palm Treo Pro

As I previously posted I recently bought a Palm Treo Pro. I have been using it for the past few days loading up my applications and personalizing my gadget.

I’ve ordered a silicone case for it from PDAir and it’s shipped but I don’t expect it to arrive in 2 weeks. Right now I am using it with a cheapo holster case and just being extra careful.

I was disappointed albeit not surprised that I couldn’t order a Clear Armor Case from Case-mate, the Philippines is not on the list…. AGAIN! I am still on the fence if I should get the Treo Pro invisible shield or bodyguardz protection. Application seems to be really complex and I am not the most patient person and will probably just muck it up. ATM I just cut up the packing screen protection since I had to go out of town and wasn’t able to visit GH to get a proper SP installed.

For memory I slipped my 8Gb microSDHC card instead of the free 4Gb microSDHC card which I got with the TP. Thinking of slapping that on my HTC S730 or the palm Treo 750 [if I am able to finally figure out why it’s been turning off].

As I mentioned in my review the device is glossy and slippery so I have attached a hand strap, I am glad palm added a lanyard/hand strap loop on this Treo.

For power I think I’ll be charging it USB cable mostly. My Wall & Car charger, Belkin dual USB Wall charger isn’t working with the TP’s micro USB cable. My TP package also doesn’t have the regular flat pin adapters which are common for the AC outlets here so I just might leave it at home.

My i.Tech Arrow Lite and Jabra BT3030 are working well with the TP so I’m pretty much covered in the Bluetooth headset department. Since the TP has a 3.5mm jack I find that I am using the included palm wired headset and some iPod earphones [yes the crappy in box ones]. I am looking into getting a nicer set of headphones but it’s not an immediate concern.   


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