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Smoke Free Bny: Definitions, Regulations and Sanctions

Going over in my head on what I posted the other day. I've decided I'm serious about quiting. So here are some definitions, regulations and sanctions for my lil project.

Cigarette - any brand regular, lights or 100's are considered as 1 stick be it imported or local.

Daily Limits - I'd say my conservative average would be 10 sticks per weekday (Mon thru Thur) which is 40, plus 30 sticks per weekend (Fri thru Sun) which is 90 so that's 130 per week. If I want to cut down 50% in 1st Quarter of this project I'd have to bring that down to 5 sticks on a weekday 15 on a weekend. For the 2nd Quarter I'd have to go 3 for weekdays and 7 on weekends.

Tally - Daily limits are not commulative and are not to be stacked (i.e. If I smoke 3 sticks on a Monday I still can't smoke 7 on a Tuesday). Everytime I light up I input it to my Excel file. If I light 1 regardless if I finish it or not its counted as 1. Puffing is not allowed, a puff is counted as 1 stick as well.

Success - defined as staying within the monthly commulative limits for the whole quarter. Let's be realistic here I'm probably poised for a hard time to get the daily limits.

Failure - defined as going over the monthly commulative limit for the whole quarter.

Sanctions - This one's where I had a tough time. At 1st I thought of shaving my head if I go over in the 1st Quarter. But I've sported a bald head for most my high school and college life so that might not really be effective. So here it goes. If I fail for the 1st Quarter I'm banned from purchasing anything old or new that is tech related these include but are not limited to PDAs, Notebooks, UMPCs, Desktops, Mobiles, Applications or Accessories for 1 month. I think that's tough enough for the 1st Quarter. For the 2nd Quarter if I fail I would have to abstain from anything Star Wars for 1 month. These include but are not limited to Films, TV, Internet, Podcasts, Toys, Comics, and Novels. Now this one is harsh... I did say I was serious right?

I think this'll atleast give this attempt a fighting chance of success. I mean what else can a chain smoking, star wars and tech loving geek punish himself with? No, I'm not cutting off any appendages... Tiu suggested grounding myself but I don't know if I can do that.

Tally taking and punishment based on honor system. I don't and won't break my word.

Quit Quiting Clause. In an event that I cannot complete this task I would have to repeat it for the next 2 Quarters but with tougher sanctions TBD (to be determined).

Revision Clause - No further revisions may be made unless it would benefit this project.

Final and Executory - Once I publish this, that's it. I'm binding myself to this contract. Project Start Date: 12:00AM (GMT+8) Sunday, July 01, 2007
Project End Date: 12:00AM (GMT+8)
Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Again I am open to suggestions and any help you can spare for this project.

In the FORCE,

Vincent Benedict Py Castro
via Treo 750v


  1. good luck bro! ayos yan may kasama na akong lalaki na hindi labas ng labas pag gumigimik tayo sa mga no smoking places! kaya mo yan ikaw pa!


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