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FSS3: 'We're sorry, but your order cannot be fulfilled because your country is on Handango's U.S. export control list.

Error FSS3: 'We're sorry, but your order cannot be fulfilled because your
country is on Handango's U.S. export control list.

Nice! Once again living in the Philippines is making it a hassle to support one of my vices... buying applications for my Windows Mobile Device. I got the above message when I tried to purchase an application [SPB Traveler] from SPB Software House and Handango [SPB uses Handango for their store]. I've been a member at Handango since Feb 2004, that's 3 years. If memory serves me right I had to fax over a photocopy of my credit card, credit card statements, and passport to get an account open. Here's the stupid part... I just bought an application last June 19, 2007 [SPB Mobile Shell], that was about 8 days ago.

From this we know that...
I've been a good customer.
My credit cards are legit.
My account is not dormant.
I could purchase even if I live in the Philippines [until today that is].

I understand that these online stores are afraid of fraud [admittedly the Philippines including other Asian nations are known for credit card fraud and piracy of all sorts] but the thing is I'm trying to acquire the software legally! I am willing to pay for the application. Why am I being hassled? Do they want me to go on to the warez sites and get the applications illegally? I'd bet their answer would be a NO, but then what are they doing hassling me? I wrote Handango support and should be hearing from them within 2 business days or earlier [according to their support page].

I could probably look for other online stores to get my application but I already trust Handango and I earn points when I purchase with them, it's also easy to see my past purchases overall it's just a better application purchasing experience [no offense to PocketGear which I've also used, their site needs improvement]. I hope Handango replies with something positive.


  1. Sad the way Asian countries are neglected but at the end of day its them loosing valuable costumers.I bought an application from few days back and i am from pakistan but it never stopped me for any geographical boundries.any ways HERE you can find all SPB products an in return just be a friend dude :)

  2. Thanks for the link Ozman Zia. Will check it out if the Handango issue is not resolved before my trial period expires.


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