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Review|Transformers (2007)

[Optimus Prime: Primed for Battle!]
Category: Movies
Genre: Animated Series Adaptation
Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Anthony Anderson, Bernie Mac, Jon Voight [Mr. Anaconda], John Tuturo [Mr. Very Very Sneaky!]
The movie was AWESOME nay it was: LEGEN... wait for it... DARY! SFX were over the top! The way they transformed was really really really cool. The movie was action packed and entertaining at the same time. A lot of comedy was blended really well with the action. I'd go see it again! Can't wait for the sequel... Soundwave anyone? How about the Dinobots [Me GRIMLOCK hahaha]? After seeing this movie I suddenly want a Camero, and maybe Megan Fox in the passenger side seat as well hehehe [she is smokin' hot].

[To quote Borat: Wawa-wee-wa!!!]
Michael Bay and Spielberg did well with this one... Yo Steve before you produce the sequel get together with George and make/finish Indy please hehehehe.
Roll out and watch this movie.


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