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iPhone Gets Dismantled

[Now that's cool!]
Ah as I posted earlier we'll be saying lot's of wacky stuff about the iPhone in the next few days. Sure there are cool un-boxing pics like on BGR. Think Secret took it to the next level by taking apart the shinny little bugger.
1. it appears that there is a SIM card tray. So you can swap out the AT&T SIM and use your own.... NOT! Aside from being SIM locked. It appears that the iPhone has to be activated via iTunes and a valid AT&T SIM card and corresponding plan is needed for that. The next question is if you activate it, then SIM unlock it, then put in your own SIM will it work as a phone or will you get a pda phone minus the phone? Oh and how do you SIM unlock it?[Answers welcome]
2. as feared by many the battery is internal and not user replaceable. No mAH on the battery as well as on Apple's site. It just has LiIon 3.7V it's made in China though no surprises there!
3. It has an ARM processor [wonder if one could flash it with another OS]
4. the folks at Think Secret have the moohlah, motor skills, and the balls to take apart a 600USD device.
Word is some Pinoys are in the US and A, and I mean flew all the way there, just to try and get these [alleged] messiah phones, well I hope they are able to figure out how to circumvent both the SIM lock and the activation. I'm sure they'll make money selling em if they do. If not... sucks to be you! Pure speculation: an unlocked iPhone in 6 months? This all depends on their deal with AT&T [sales is a non-factor as it is selling well probably out of stock by tomorrow or later] this may be 6 months or might not happen at all. I guess the best course of action is to wait until Jobs' releases it worldwide or brings it to a carrier near you! And Steve... if you do take it to the Philippines don't go with SUN Cellular, it's just Globe or SMART.
As Mr. T says: I pity the fool! Who bought an iPhone [last part added by me, applies to non-US residents only]


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