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Review|Batman: The Dark Knight [NO SPOILERS]

Category: Movies
Genre: Comics Adaptation
Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Morgan Freeman
In the DC Universe Batman is one of the most well known characters. I like him because he is a hero who doesn't have super/mutant/magic/alien powers. He just uses his gadgets and brains to defeat his opponents. He is one of the most driven heroes you will ever see. I daresay he is among 1 of my fave heroes.

What I liked about BMTDK, Heath Ledger gave an amazing performance as the Joker. I mean if you entitled this movie as 'The Rise of the Joker' I wouldn't mind at all. Ledger really shined in this movie and I'm not saying that because this is his last film. I also liked that Caine, Freeman, and Oldman came back to lend their talent to the film. I felt that Aaron Eckhart did a good job as Harvey Dent/Two Face. I did not like the actress change for Rachel simply because it was so glaring and the character had a major part in the plot of the film. They should've casted Gyllenhaal for both Batman Begins and this film [Katie Holmes is a stinker]. She did an ok job as Rachel. Which brings us to Christian Bale. I think he showed better acting skills in Begins which was an origins film. Don't get me wrong he did ok in this film too but I think they over did the raspy voice thing. Some of my friends said he sounded like cookie monster when he had the suit on. Not to good for one of the more serious heroes in comics land.

I think that this film was able to raise some moral and ethical questions that are not tackled often in plain good vs bad movies. One of the best Batman films yet!


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Tips & Tricks|Orientation Aware Backgrounds

I just wanted to share some stuff I learned over at xda-dev's forum today.
Anyway as the title states this is about today themes and Orientation Aware Backgrounds. It's really quite simple
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tdywater_320_240.gif [Landscape Image] = 320 x 240 image
tdywater_240_320.gif [Portrait Image] = 240 x 320 image
stwater [Start Menu Image] = 190 x 290 image
tdywater_640_480.gif [Landscape Image] = 640 x 480 image
tdywater_480_640.gif [Portrait Image] = 480 x 640 image
stwater [Start Menu Image] = 399 x 586 image
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