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Beanster Blog 10.2 beta

.:These features will probably not be visible if you are reading my posts via rss, multiply or other sites where I've mirrored my blog posts:.
Everything is going according to plan... bwahahahaha :D in version 10.1 started revamping my humble blog to add some features which I thought my readership would really appreciate. So here we are again I have added a few more features to my blog, can you see them? Well fret not I have made a summary of what changes I made.
Change Log / Future Changes:
New Quote Box look -> much more pronounced

New Bookmarking Button via AddThis -> easily share/bookmark my blog

New Blogroll -> blogs I follow

Expanding Widgets1: 'Music / Pics / Video' ~ | flickr | youtube -> less scrolling

Expanding Widgets2: 'Easy Navigation' ~ about me | find me online | recent posts/comments -> less scrolling

'Peakaboo' Post Summaries: Now I can set long posts to show only upon request -> less scrolling

Author Quotes -> know when I've replied

Favicon -> I've added my pic so that when you fave my blog you get to see my mug, yes it looks more professional don't cha think?

Future Changes:
Related Posts -> easier navigation, relevance, more JSON goodness

JSON Goodness ~ Label Search, Recent Posts and Comments -> adds relevance and easier navigation to my blog


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