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Buy an iPhone / iPod Touch , Train as a Jedi...

[Choose your blade fight the Sith]

[Found via CNET BOL #764 Podcast]
Oi! Here's a *FREE* App for all you Fan bois [and gurlz] who already have their 3G iPhone/ 2G iPhone or iPod Touch. It's a light saber application and you get to choose the colour of your saber and you get sounds. This is a definite reason to get the Jobsy mobile :D
Currently using a Jedi mindtrick on my brother so he gets this application on his iPod Touch so I can play with it. Use The FORCE kiddies... :D
Phone Saber by TheMacBox


  1. FAIL! It seems you need FW 2.0 to get this [and most of the new goodies from App Store] my bro doesn't want to get rid of his Jailbreak and of course we all know that the iPod Touch doesn't have speakers [so the lightsaber sounds can't be heard]... I hope he can get the JB or the app from somewhere else.


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