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Hello Globe Head Honchos

I am writing this blog post to remind you not to do a ROGERS [read aboot it here] and place the 3G iPhone in a fair price point for aspiring fanbois and girls.

More importantly I ask Globe to improve their services to accompany this device and all other mobiles you are selling for that matter.

I may not be getting one [until Apple opens iTunes and AppStore for the PH that is, and even then I'd have to think hard about it] but this is no reason for others not to get the only slightly chunkier Jeeez'us phone that can do 3G speeds.

The iPhone is and should be used as a connected device. Why buy one and not surf on it or watch movies or whatever? A data plan is essential to make the most of this device. I think it would be best to have capped [or else people will abuse it!] data plans for the iPhone.

4Gb / 8Gb / 16Gb plans would probably be enough for now, they should throw in FREE WiFi for all WiZ hotspots too. Add this to your existing voice plan and the iPhone cost and viola!

Yours Truly

VBC, Concerned Geek

To my readers have you tested Globe's data services recently any word on how it performs in terms of deployment and speed? Remember you can test the speed via
I invite you to send in your test results [screenies would be great] for Globe GPRS/EDGE or 3G/3.5G include your device, location, and any remarks.


  1. fast as long as you have hsdpa signal. i used to (stolen) use my TyTN II as a bluetooth modem for my mac and it was faster than any wiz hotspots. using opera mobile, it was also ok. no complaints. if you only have GPRS or EDGE signal, you better be patient!

  2. Thanks for the input James. I used to be a loyal Globe sub [10 years] but decided to switch to SMART because they had better coverage and stabler signal. SMART seems to be a bit slower [looks like they capped the bandwidth] but that's ok since they have very cheap rates. I am saddened by what happened to your TyTN II :(


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