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No PC, No Worries...

Ever since I sold of my UMPC [Sony VAIO UX280P] I have been PC less at home. It's been about 9 months. I've been surviving with my office desktop and my trusty HTC TyTN II. So far the experience has been utterly bearable to say the least.

Let's breakdown what I do on a PC:
  • Email
  • Blogging/Social Networking
  • Docs/Spreadsheets
  • Games
  • Music
  • PIM
  • Photo Editing
  • Banking
  • Instant Messaging

My office desktop now houses all my files because my ext HDD enclosure [or cable] is bonking out. So I use my XP box at the office and I sync my TyTN II to the box for PIM, music, files, and of course apps. I've decided to try and separate work from play and have set my 3 work emails on the outlook desktop 2 POP and 1 IMAP.

My HTC TyTN2 is my primary computing device at home. I've got my 5 personal emails syncing via IMAP [yes I have 5 active emails]. I have IM+ for instant messaging. PIE w/ SPB PocketPlus PIE tabs. Pocket Outlook for PIM. Of course I have tons of games installed. Using my PDA as my main internet device made me find a better appreciation for sites developed for the smaller screen. Fortunately most of the sites I frequent have mobile versions of their sites. I can even do minor photo editing on it [cropping/resizing]. So I guess the last fronteir would be banking. I'm not to keen on doing banking on my TyTN2 I don't think PIE is secure enough for it.

So really I have no need for a PC atm. Does that mean I'm not getting one? ummm those who know me well know the answer to this one... I don't need a PC but I want a UMPC [for travel] and a gaming rig [for gaming duh!] and maybe a new smartphone and pocketpc phone to match it. It looks like I should be saving moohlah for all this stuff. Baby steps. My TyTN2 and Nokia 6267 are serving me well atm so they will be put at the back of the tech-road map. I think the UMPC should go 1st because I have a desktop here at work and the games I want to play aren't out yet [waiting for FORCE UNLEASHED, STARCRAFT2 and latest addition to gamelust DIABLO3]. Now the tough part: finding a reliable and reasonably priced UMPC. My requirements:
XP or Vista [full OS not Linux distro]
Max 10in, Min 7in screen
Big Storage [pref HDD not those uber small SDD]
WiFi [good]
BT [better]
so far the MSI Wind and hp mini-note 2133 comes to mind. Leaning towards the MSI though as it has Intel ATOM whilst the hp uses the VIA C7M.


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Tips & Tricks|Orientation Aware Backgrounds

I just wanted to share some stuff I learned over at xda-dev's forum today.
Anyway as the title states this is about today themes and Orientation Aware Backgrounds. It's really quite simple
All you need is 2 images [3 if you want to change the Start Menu image as well] of the proper resolution.
tdywater_320_240.gif [Landscape Image] = 320 x 240 image
tdywater_240_320.gif [Portrait Image] = 240 x 320 image
stwater [Start Menu Image] = 190 x 290 image
tdywater_640_480.gif [Landscape Image] = 640 x 480 image
tdywater_480_640.gif [Portrait Image] = 480 x 640 image
stwater [Start Menu Image] = 399 x 586 image
What you do is copy the files to \Windows directory and viola! Orientation Aware Backgrounds!
Notes: The theme's default images will be used once you switch themes. So you would need to copy the files back again to \Windows dir for it to work again, what I do is I have placed Wallpaper sets in ZIP files on my Storage Card so I can change and change as desired.…