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3 Reasons Why I Think the 3G iPhone is Important Even If I'm Not Getting One

1st I would like to say that I won't be getting a 3G iPhone I still think it's not the phone for me, perfectly happy with Windows Mobile.

That being said I still think it's an important device because of how it can change or affect us.

1. It Encourages More Cool Devices - Globe got the 3G iPhone as an exclusive. I'm sure SMART will try to bring in phones to compete with it. Meaning we get those juicy iPhone killers (usually Windows Mobile). I am not a fan of carrier locking of devices but in this case it will have a positive effect for me at least

2. It Encourages Better Carrier Service and Rates - Apple is very iffy about service and I'm sure they are pressuring Globe to put out not only good support in terms of network/coverage and speed/stability but data plans as well. What does this mean for an ex-subscriber? Simple: if Globe improves SMART must step up and upgrade as well. We all win!

3. iTunes Might Become 'Really' Useful - iTunes may primarily be used to sync your iPod but for me iTunes is aslo a platform to discover an purchase media. In fact, Apple just opened up their App Store for the Philippines. Aside from the obvious plus of Pinoy iPhone and iPod Touch users being able to buy applications it is also a step into the right direction. Hopefully after applications, Apple considers selling other content like music, tv shows, and movies. Wishing that this were sooner rather than later.

So you see even if I don't intend to buy an iPhone I think I will still benefit from it being officially available in the Philippines.
Vincent Benedict Py Castro / Bny / 王清河
via HTC TyTN II + Google
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