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palm Treo 800w has Landed... Now Waiting for GSM

Saw this bit of news via twitter friend jkendrick
palm press release
The good news: palm finally included WiFi and even GPS on this device. Nothing surprising really as most mobiles already [um 2 or 3 years ago?] have this on board. palm is just keeping up with the competition but barring it having an espresso maker or a spork there is nothing ├╝ber special about it. It's good too see that palm has not moved away from their forte of QWERTY bar goodness. One thing that has been bugging me is that other manufacturers have been trying too hard to go head to head with the iPhone. Being a staunch user and supporter of hardware input it was frustrating to see devices loosing their hardware for touchscreens. Touch is good for navigation but I believe QWERTY is best for data entry. I am feeling luke warm about the 320x320 screen resolution the higher res means a nicer display but I am not sure if developers [especially the small freeware makers] will be updating their apps to support it. Still when the GSM/UMTS version comes out I will be taking a very close look at it as a possible replacement or accompaniment to my aging [10 months already] HTC TyTN II. So there's the hp iPAQ 900 series and the Treo 850 [possible code for the GSM/UMTS version?] as next possible devices.
QWERTY bars FTW~!!!


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