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My Themes are Absolutely Free!

Once again I'd like to remind everyone that my themes are free. Please please please don't pay for them.
I was in Greenhills last Monday and out of curiosity I went to a Mobile Phone Store/Repair Stall. I asked about Nokia Themes. The guy gladly let me browse his laptop and sure enough some of my themes were being sold (It's 4 for Php 100.00 for any theme). Now these themes are available online for free I find it unfair that these bastards should make money from our (themers) hard work.
If you come accross my themes in these stalls and you like them please don't purchase them. I will gladly send you a copy of the theme for free. Just drop me a message and I'll send them over, maybe I can even help you get them on your mobile.
If you would like to get any of my themes check my SIDEBAR under [Free Stuff by Me].
For Theme Requests, Comments, Suggestions, or Help on getting my themes on your mobile just drop me a message on my TAG BOARD [just scroll down and look t…

Tips & Tricks|Really Closing Applications on your PocketPC

The Pocket PC OS (aka Windows Mobile for Pocket PC: WMPPC) has a lot of differences with it's big brother Windows XP for the desktop. One of the major differences is the way applications are closed. If you're on your desktop and you hit the 'X' button it closes the window or application. But on a PocketPC the application is only minimized. WMPPC was designed to manage memory dynamically... it is supposed to leave applications running until resources are needed to run something else. However not all things that are planned that way, work that way. So what happens is sometimes your device is using up alot of resources for applications you aren't using anymore. To really close the applications you must do the following:
1) Tap Start
2) Tap Settings
3) Tap System
4) Tap Memory
5) Tap Running Programs
6) Select the Program
7) Tap Close or Close all
Now that's alot of taps just to close an application. Really! MS should have made things easier.

[Here's how the menu to clo…

The Gym

I haven't been able to go to the gym since last week. Damn I really should go more often. The problem is I get really really lazy and of course staying late at the office doesn't really help much. Hmmm I wonder when I'll be diligent enough to really go and workout.

Blog Break

I'm taking a break from work for awhile. Hmmm been really busy since I got back. Still have a lot to do though... I'm gonna step out for awhile to have a smoke, then it's back to work.

Weather Panel

I'm trying out a new weather application for my PocketPC. It's WeatherPanel from Marsware. Easy to install and configure. I have it on 15 day trial. Now to check how accurate it is.
I've unistalled PocketWeather for awhile and am waiting for the release of the new version (eta 3 days)
Hunger PainsI'm hungry na!!! Argh! I wonder what time I can get out of the office tonight?
What's weird is my mom says it's because I smoke a lot... I would think the reason would be because... uh I'm Hungry??? Sometimes parents force the issue don't they hehehe. I'm sure all parents do it and when I become one I'll probably do it as well hahaha. I get ticked off easily with comments like these, for me it's about common sense. Hunger = Tummy Ache what has smoking have to do with it? Doesn't make sense to me. But hey parents mean well I guess so I let most things slide when I can. Remember this kiddies: LESS TALK, LESS MISTAKE! Most of the times if you just shut your pie-hole you'll get off relatively easy (compared to answering back or over reasoning--which you must admit a lot of younger persons like to do). Hmmm I must be getting old then, either that or I just got tired or arguing, maybe a little bit of both.
Son of a Beef (we're havin…

Quanzhou Mandarin Hotel

Oh yeah. If ever your in Quanzhou China and you're looking for a nice place to stay you might want to check out the Quanzhou Mandarin Hotel. It has really nice rooms and excellent service. 5 thumbs up!
Some info:
Address: South of West Citong Rd. Quanzhou Fujian Province China
Website: Click Here
Telephone: +8659528019999
Fascmile: +8659528019018
PocketBlog vs DiaristBasic differences between PBlog and Diarist is that PBlog actually caches a copy of your blog. So offline entries can be written and saved. Then updated later. For Diarist it is just a passthru system for you to post on the supported Blogs.
Diarist v1.1 for PocketPCAfter using PocketBlog for about a week. I've given up on it... I'm trying Diarist. AFAIK PocketBlog's development has stopped so I really had no choice. I will write more on this if I've time.

Tech Road Map

1:43pm Just finished a late lunch. Was over at GH for awhile with my bro. Looking at the iPOD color 60GB and eyeing a notebook. The right way to go about things is to get a notebook first. However the notebook I'm looking to acquire is a lil over twice the price of the iPOD (PhP 60K). Now this isn't a desktop replacement just a regular notebook. I'm unsure if is upto my needs/wants. My friend told me I should get a desktop replacement so I can play nice games and also some graphics work for my themes. These high end notebooks have a tendency to go over the PhP 150K mark something I can't afford with my current tech road map. I would like to have a notebook by Q4 2005. By Q1 2006 I expect to upgrade my PocketPC. The iPOD is not something really in my plans but it would be more than welcome in my gadget list.
So far I have a:
Windows Mobile PocketPC Phone
Windows Mobile Smartphone
5MP Digital Camera

I think a notebook and a dedicated audio device would some things up nice…

My Future

2:40 pm My Future
In a fit of extreme boredom that is currently engulfing my very being at this moment. I'd like to tell you about My Future. Now, my grandma & mom just came from a soothsayer (or oracle, whichever term is to your liking). Here's what lies ahead for me.
1) I should get married NOW! And if I marry now or upto my 32nd birthday. My wife would really help me. Ok I'm not sure if my mom or grandma used a headlock or a figure four leg lock or both on the soothsayer for him/her to say this.
2) Provided I do #1. I will have a better life from 32 onwards and will be earning a lot. Also I will be earning money for 30 years only. Therefore the money coming in after my 62nd birthday (if I get married at 32) will either be my wife's or my kids'. Interesting really... How do day figure out these things?
3) Another thing is I should not under any circumstances marry a woman who was born in the year of the Ox (Chinese Zodiac). If I do this we will always butt-h…
6:53pm I'm at the Gate waiting for the boarding announcement. Looks like this flight will be full. I'm sure the boys at Baggage Claim at NAIA will fuck things up. The 'Buwayas' (Gators) in Customs will have a field day on these mainlanders who really pack and bring in all kinds of shit (mainly foodstuffs or medicines).
1:40pm Just finished lunch in this Seafood place. Will probably be visiting 2 more factories before going to the airport. I'd have to get going by 4:30pm to allow for traffic.
12:24pm Nothing much to see at Factory #9 and #10. Will be having lunch first as most Factories are on their Lunch Break anyway (usually upto 2pm).
7:23 Dinner. I've decided to pass on the buffet. I'm not feeling so good. Maybe I'll just have some noodles. The Laksa might be nice. I think I should call it an early night and force myself to rest... I've basically covered the important aspects for this trip. So tomorrow promises to be less hectic. A bit of 'Speed Visiting' in the morning onto the late afternoon then it's off to the airport. I wonder who's going to pick me up? My brother seems uninterested in the chore the last time we spoke (Friday)... I'd be coming in at 9:40pm Manila time (ETA) however my parents will be getting in at 11:40pm from Hong Kong. So it may mean that I've to park my ass at the airport for 2 hours... That wouldn't be pleasant but with the skyrocketing petrol prices I really don't see any choice. Oh well I'll find out tomorrow I guess.
6:40pm. I'm at my supplier's office. Waiting for Factory #2's Sample maker. I hear he has the samples of the designs developed yesterday. This is were China's productivity really shines. Ideas discussed the day before are now a reality. Barring any major mis-communication, I hope to get some pretty useful samples tonight. They are quick aren't they? My head is still splitting though. Really wish I was home thinking what gimmick to go to tonight but I guess this is part of my job. And so we go back to that old saying: It's tough but somebody's got to do it.
5:40pm Factory #6: Marginal Productivity (4 Styles). I'm looking at my Stock Flow chart... If everything goes according to plan and on schedule, I expect improved sales for my brand this coming Christmas season. I've a splitting headache and have switched my music selection from Electronica (Godskitchen Global Gathering 2005 Disc 3) to a more soothing House playlist, I'm listening to Hed Kandi Beach House 04.05 Disc 1... I hope this headache goes away soon... :o(
1:13pm Lunch Time. A quick lunch before going to Factory #4 and #5. Hopefully we get to factory #4 by 2pm. Lot's to do...
3:23pm at Factory #5 Nothing much too see in this one much like #4 Your regular EVA/PVC Slipper factory. The quality seems sub-standard. Waste of time.
8:37am Breakfast
With my rudimentary Mandarin I've seated myself near the window. Ordered Coffee (yes! it's brewed none of that instant crap!). I've elected to go western today.
Main Course:
2 Sausages
3 Strips of Bacon
2 Eggs - Scrambled
1 pc. of French Toast
1 pc. of Ham
3 pcs. of Chicken Nuggets (Hooray!)
1 cup Black Coffee and 1 glass Fresh OJ
1 Cup Strawberry Yoghurt
Some Fruit (Watermelon + Melon)
2nd cup of Black Coffee
All in all a heavy meal. It'll keep me powered up until today's expected late lunch. Also they serve lemon water here a nice touch.
Nice! :o)
6:58am. Had to get up cause I couldn't sleep anymore... I'v been drifting in and out of sleep the whole night. I really have trouble sleeping in an unfamiliar places (i.e. not my bed). I'm supposed to meet my supplier at 10am so I have around 2 hours to spare... the remaining hour is for a shower and going down for breakfast. Oh yeah speaking of breakfast I got a stub for the buffet, well it is RMB 398/night + 15% service charge (PhP 3143.92 or USD 56.52) so they better have a nice selection of treats! :o)
8:55pm Just about to start a late dinner. We're here at a Korean Restaurant. Anyway I was on my way to the rest room and saw that the sign for the ladies rest room was spelled 'Famale' :-P Damn I'm hungry! Also the menu here is kinda weird they have stickers or cartoon dogs and cats definitely trying to make the menu more Korean looking however some may mistake this for them offering dog meat. :-P They really need to think before they act.
Just left Factory #2. It's 7:25pm ETA to Quanzhou City 1 Hour. There's a slight rumbly in my belly, but I'm used to it. I think the 2.5 Hours spent at Factory#2 were productive and well spent. I've confirmed 3 new designs (1 Rubber Shoes; 2 Sandals); also developed an additional 3 new designs (1 Sandal; 2 Rubber Shoes). Hopefully I get the prototypes soon, so I can decide on them. Tomorrow we're supposed to go to 2 more Factories (High Priority) and after that... I'll be doing some 'Speed Visiting' which means going to as many factories as possible. Though this sounds simple: it is physically and mentally draining. The most I've been to is I think 8 Factories in a day. Not pleasant but an accepted part of doing business.
Off to the 2nd factory ETA 2 Hours. Trying to get some shut eye. So I'm rested when I get there.
Just noticed that PocketBlog is not accurately posting my entries. It seems that my entries are posted newest to oldest without regard for the time stamp on the device. This is a big issue with the program but hey it's free and it's in beta. Also, I am still getting that error message. Maybe I'll drop the developer an email when I get back. Oh yeah and if you're wondering how I'm updating my blog... I'm doing it via GPRS on loan from ChinaMobile.
Have you ever noticed that smaller airlines always have crappier service than the usual? I was on this flight the other day going on a business trip. Really had no choice but to take this airline (flight) so I could maximize my time. Nevermind that the plane was small and circa 1970's. Nevermind that the chairs and tray tables creaked. What really said 'We Suck' is that 9 Passengers were asigned to the same seats. Row 11 D E F each had 3 passengers per seat! What a crock of shit! Imagine if the plane was fully booked and there were no other seats left... That would be hilarious on Row 11 Seat D. A Chinaman, an old Grandma, and another Chinaman would be on top of one another. Seat E, would be the same except that you have to replace Granny with Grand pa (ah traveling elderly couples how sweet). Seat F, would suck the most the last guy would probably be hunched over for the duration of the flight because of the baggage store up top.

Ok the In Flight Meal:
Drinks, the usual assortment: Sodas, Juices, Beers, Cheap Wine, Water, Tea and Coffee. All bottomless - normal.
Food, There is no 2nd choice; you get one they have the funny thing is all the meals have 1 written on them: Makes you wonder if a the cabin crew was holding out on you or b They forgot choice #2.
For this flight its Sweet n Sour Meat (I think it's pork?) Rice, 3 Slices of Fruit, A weird looking Salad, Bread and Butter.
Not tasty and not satisfying at all. The meat was tough rice was hard. Didn't try the Salad. The fruit and bread were ok though.
I know I'll be eating better anyways so it's really ok. I'm just getting bored on this flight I guess.
The 'Lavatory' or lack thereof... Going number 1 and especially going number 2 is always an ordeal on any flight. Cramped and confined, noisy, smelly (if you're really unlucky). This flight takes it to the next level as there are only 2 Lavatories accessible to the whole 'Economy Class' (approx. 200 people) now we have 'Chronological Advanced Travelers with Hyperactive Bladders' trotting all the way to the back of the aircraft. A wonderful parade if I do say so myself. As of this entry 6 people, make that 7 people are in line to use the 'Airborne John'. I suspect quite a few folks holding it in... I know I am. I'm using the Jedi Bladder Meditation Technique ;-)
I suspect we will be beginning our descent soon. I'm feeling some pressure changes so far the flight has been 5 by 5. No unexpected turbulance or sudden motions. Smooth... oh yeah and by the way my seat mate is going crazy looking back every 30-40 seconds on the 'Never Ending Lavatory Conga' (cha-cha-cha) line... Shouldn't have drank 4 cups of liquid fool (32oz. give or take)! :o) There goes the we will be landing soon speech over the PA.
I'm in the car with our trader/supplier. My imate JAM is at 44% power. Real heavy usage from 5:30am to around 10:30am. Good thing I brought my boxwave Versacharger with me :o) Getting juice from the car right now!
Checked in to my room at the Quanzhou Mandarin Hotel (not to be confused with the Quanzhou Hotel) it's a relatively new hotel. I'll be posting pics when I get back. Had a quick lunch and now I'm here at my suppliers showroom checking samples and planning our itinerary. Lot's of factories to check out. It's time to go to work!
It's 8am... 30 mins to go before boarding time. I think I've covered all the bases for this trip. Just have to confirm my pick up at Xiamen airport later. Hopefully the hotel I'll be holed up in will have internet access... it get's kinda boring when you're all alone in a foreign country.
I've finally finished checking in and the immigration stuff. I'm here Hari-raya Restaurant enjoying my Tapa breakfast, Coffee and airborneaccess' WiFi Internet Connection. :-) Checking my mail, Xiamen's weather, and the latest currency rate...
Speaking of leaving... A few other friends that I know that are going overseas are: El who's going to Taiwan for a few days (WOW STREET FOODS NA YAN!!!). Also Kenny, Enrile, CJ, TR(?) and Francesca are off to China for Studies (6 Month Chinese Language course), ingat kayo mga friends. These courses have become really popular as of late. I guess this just shows how important China (and the Chinese language) is turning out to be. I'm not entirely convinced though that all the 'students' really learn or more importantly put the knowledge to good use. I admit I would like to have a better grasp of the Chinese language myself (especially Mandarin) my frequent business trips do give me some sort of practice in speaking but not in writting though.
Ok. I'm here at the airport and I'm a bit too early. The flight hasn't even started checking in it's passengers. Hmmm... Doesn't really matter I'm used to waiting.
Just finished my shower and packing my things for my trip. The drive home was pretty normal... Which is to say I got into traffic all the way home. The continuous rain didn't help much.

Just about time...

It's nearing 6:30pm Manila time. I should log-off now and get ready to leave I'd say if I leave the office at 6:45pm I'd be at the city limits by 7pm and would be free to go! :o) FYI Marikina has no color coding all day every day!
Ok for those who don't get what I'm blabbing on about (i.e. foreign visitors of my blog... hi 'mabuhay!')
Here in Manila we have a UVVRP (Unified Vehicle Volume Reduction Program) -- we call it color coding (dunno why) or number coding. This means that on Weekdays the following vehicles cannot go on the road from 7am to 10am and 2pm to 7pm.
Monday: Vehicles with 1 and 2 as ending license plate no.
Tuesday: Vehicles with 3 and 4 as ending license plate no.
Wednesday: Vehicles with 5 and 6 as ending license plate no.
Thursday: Vehicles with 7 and 8 as ending license plate no.
Friday: Vehicles with 9 and 0 as ending license plate no.
Now of course government and emergency vehicles are exempt
The funny thing is the mayors in each city …

Going WMA

I've finally done it. Went WMA on my Pocket PC phone. 2 Reasons for doing this
1) I was getting tired of encoding my big mp3s (i.e. 320 or 200 Kbps to 192Kbps)
2) Space consideration. Encoding my mp3s to 128Kbps WMA gives me more room for music/videos/data etc.
Initially I had around 125 mp3s of varying bit rates on my device. It took up around 800Mb of my 1GB Storage Card. This morning I decided to set Windows Media Player 10 to automatically encode my mp3s to 64Kbps WMA before copying the songs over to my i-mate JAM. I was amazed at how much memory I freed up... after around 2 hours of waiting I had around 179 mp3s 300mb left! Wow really great. I thought well I celebrated too early as I plugged my earbuds in and listened to a song I noticed that the song's quality was greatly reduced and some unpleasant noise was present... being spoiled with 192kbps quality this was unacceptable! So I decided to delete all the songs and re-encode in 128kbps. All in all, I am happy with my de…

Review|MortRing 0.93b

Category: Computers & Electronics
Product Type: Handheld Computers/PDAs
Developer: Mort
Mort the developer of MortPlayer and MortButtons, has come up with an efficient way to assign ringtones to your contacts. IMO a far better solution than the payware that is available.
What it can do:
Assign tones via Contacts or Outlook Categories (tone depends on system i.e. if your device supports it MortRing will)
Assign sms alerts via Contacts or Outlook Categories
[New in version 0.93b it tries to address the GPRS/MMS issue in some HTC Magicians not being able to connect via GPRS]
Other Features:
Small and Simple
Uses Folder inHKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\SoundCategories\Ring meaning you can use Ring tone hack to save valuable RAM.
Some users report that large contacts list are problematic (i.e. more than 500 contacts)
w2 or WorkPhone2 is not 'seen' by the application for now.
Pricing and Availability:
Free. I get it fromhere


Finally finished migrating all my book and music reviews from my multiply site. Didn't expect it to take up so much time. But I'm glad it's done.

Review|Godskitchen Global Gathering (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
Just a few weeks after attending Godskitchen Global Dance I've been able to procure a copy of Godskitchen Global Gathering 2005 (special thanks to cam for letting me know that it's out na--Impecable timing dear!). Now for the review... Of course like the 2004 compilation this has 3 CDs, House, Trance, and Electronic. Let's get to it!!!
Appetizer, Disc 1: House: No umbrella drinks or strolls at the beach being visualized here! You'll probably be imagining something like a club or a big party. I mean smoke, sweat, lights and the taste of happiness in the air! A fantastic collection of body moving house and progressive house. A great first taste of this meal of a compilation.
Do pay attention to these tracks: In My Arms (Sharam Jey Remix), That Big Track (Lovin' You More), Back to Basics (Steve Lawler's Return to Rehab Remix), Say Hello, Steppin' Out (Soul Avengerz Club Remix), Love On My Mind, Stella…

Review|Hed Kandi: Beach House 04.05 (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
Summer is over... The weather is kinda gloomy almost everyday. We either have cloudy skies or scattered thunderstorms for forecasts. The good thing is 'Summer' is a state of mind, the people at Hed Kandi help us to get into this state of mind with this 'fun-tasmic' (fun and fantastic) release for their Beach House compilations. Again one of the more popular flavors of Kandi this will surely be a staple in your audio device. The first CD starts with the soothing track Reach the Sky by Eddy Meets Yannah, continues with the suave Suavemente from Malena, you can almost imagine being on a beach sipping your favorite umbrella drink and looking at the waves caress the shores. A New Start slows things down a bit. Ms. Bailey's vocal prowess gives Rise (Beach House Mix) enough to merit mention. Robina's New Moon and Kuppercoco's Undone undo themselves and don't really appeal to me that much. Let It Ride …

Review|Hed Kandi Disco Heaven 01.05 (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
I was very excited to get this compilation, I thought there would be a lot of new tunes for me to load up to my i-mate JAM well I was right. This 2 CD compilation will probably appeal to many as it's one of the more popular flavors of 'Kandi' available. Sweet and soothing just like a bar of heavenly chocolate after a tiring day at work or a stressful life event haha! This is definitely a must have for Kandi fans out there. You must check out these tracks (flicks fingers slowly and does a jedi mind trick): Pink is the Colour (Kupper's Heavenly Disco Mix), I'll Be Good (Soul Rebels Club Mix), Take Me Away (Mauve Vocal Mix), Come Back Home, Feels Good (Club Mix), Night Lights (Seamus Haji Vocal Mix), Hypnotic, Erotic Games (Soulshaker Club Mix), Just Can't Wait (Saturday) (Stonebridge Club Mix), Can't Fake It (Andrea T Mendoza vs Tibet Vocal), Could It Be Magic (Original Mix), You Got the Love (Extend…

Review|Trance Energy Prepare to Dance (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
Calling all you Trance fans out there! Hey check out this excellent compilation from Trance Enegry brimming with wonderfully mixed trance tracks. From start to finish this 2 CD compilation is worth the listen. Tracks to watch: Beats At Rank-1 Dotcom (Original Mix), The Passion, Made of Sun, Beauty in LA (Main Mix), Duende (Signum Remix), Fancy Fair 2005, Dreamchild, Second Wave (Signum Signal 2004 Remake), Vanity, City Streets, Find (Andy Moor Mix), Blue Fear (Agnelli & Nelson Remix), Lucid, Silence (Above 7 Beyond Remix), Jump the Next Train, Holding On (Above & Beyond Remix), Unification, Visual Drive (Original Mix), Born Slippy, Dame Blanche, Now (Cosmic Gate Relaunched 2005).

Review|Ministry of Sound Sessions: Nasty Dirty Sex Music Mixed by Smokin Jo and Tim Sheridan (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
This album shows us an even more twisted and darker side of house music (makes Kandi's Twisted Disco look like a chump)... I mean if Darth Vader listened to House music he'd probably pick up this album. It is very heavy and it's not pop-house at all. Listening to this album you can almost visualize a dark and smoky dance floor with people moving non-stop (the fact that this album was recorded live including crowd noises with a minimum of editing might also give this feel)
Smokin Jo and Tim Sheridan lay down some fast, heavy, and mind blowing drumbeats and baselines... a fine selection of tech-house presented as raw as possible. Clubber's will probably appreciate if not enjoy this album. Not for the faint of heart. Some tracks to watch: Push Your Body, Rumpfunk, WayToo Long (Switch Remix), Flashlight, Drop the Beat (Greg Vickers Mix), One Earth Beat (Gardner & Star's Rave Lizard Remix), Bopp It, Just Bou…

Review|Ministry of Sound Clubber's Guide to Summer 2005

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
Just got a hold of Ministry of Sound Clubber's Guide to Summer 2005 first thing I noticed is that some of the songs in Clubber's Guide to 2005 are also included in this compilation, again peppered with dance tunes that will surely give you a feeling of nostaIgia when you listen to them I like this album more because it has more club and trance tunes. Certainly worth listening to and I'm sure most of the songs will be synced to my i-mate JAM :-) Tracks that jump up and call to me are... Owner of a Lonely Heart, Into Your Eyes, Freak On (Stonebridge Club Mix), Star to Fall, Raining Again (Steve Angello's Vocal Mix), Love on My Mind, Dancin' (Raul Rincon Remix), Mi Bebé Masoquista (Jupiter Ace Presents J.A. Teknixx Remix), Left Right Swith (12" Vocal Mix), Why, You & Me (Stevie B Remix) So Special, Without Love, Pegasus, Iceflowers (Aly & FILA Remix), Greece 2000 (Marcel Woods Remix), Love U More…

Review|Deep Trance Vol 6 (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
This is one of the better trance compilations I've been able to grab a hold of. I like almost all the songs! I'm sure you'll enjoy this 3 disc album, I'm sure I did :D Trust in Trance!
Tracks to Watch
Disc 1
Tiesto feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Just Be (Wally Lopez Vocal) ---> champion!
Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel (E-Werk Club Mix) ---> potah classic!
Josh Gabriel - Alive (Original Version)
Yves Deruyter - Born Slippy ---> another classic remade!
Sonar Systems - Sonar Systems (Beam vs. Symmetry Edit)
Second Sun - The Spell (Deutschmann Mix)
Sun:Port - Abuse (Club Mix)
Moonstone - Hidden Bay (Vocalized Mix)
Aly and Fila - Spirit of Ka (Markus Schulz Remix)

Disc 2
Symbios - Beauty and the Beast (Meteor Seven Mix)
Marc et Claude - Free (Original Radio Edit)
De - The Real Thing (Club Mix)
Brian - Gran Rey (Original Mix)
Randy Katana - Fancy Fair '05 (Original Mix) ---> nice!
Marcos - Cosmicstring (Original Version)

Review|Dance Max (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
Ok lately I've been listening to alot of dance and house tracks. I'm still an avid fan of trance but do enjoy dance and house music as well. Listening to this album I couldn't help but notice that some of these songs seem like songs from the 80's that I've heard when I was younger and now remixed to make them dance tunes. This is ok with me but some people don't like these kinds of songs. But hey I like them and here they are... note: although this is primarily a dance album there are a few ok trance tracks in it as well.
Disc 1
Cabin Crew - Star to Fall (Vandalism Remix)
The Disco Boys ft. Manfred Mann's Earth Band - For You
Vinylshakerz - One Night in Bangkok (Vinylshakerz Screen Cut)
Milk & Sugar - What is Love?
Eric Prydz - Woz Not Woz
Alex Megane - Hurricane
Freeloaders ft. the Real Thing - So Much Love to Give --> This song rocks! Better than Bastian Bates version
Filur - I Want You (Kaner…

Review|In Search of Sunrise 4: Latin America

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Tiesto
Let DJ Tiesto take you on a serene and peaceful musical journey. Trust in Trance...
Tracks to Watch
Disc 1
Solarstone and JES - Like A Waterfall
ToneDepth & SoulTan - Moments
JASEfos feat Claire Van Der Boom - Do What U Want (Max Graham After Hours In Montreal Mix)
Gabriel & Dresden - Arcadia
BT - The Force Of Gravity (Tiësto Remix)
Allure - The Loves We Lost
Blank & Jones feat Bobo - Perfect Silence (E-Craig’s 212 Remix)
Disc 2
Estuera vs Re:Locate - Palma Solane
Leon Bolier presents Inner Stories - Beyond
POS - Gravity
LNQ - People I Used To Know
Mads Arp featuring Julie Harrington - Slow It Down (Mathilda Mix)
Tiësto featuring Matt Hales from Aqualung - UR (Junkie XL Air Guitar Remix)
Odysee - Evolution
Progression - Sands Of Time
Sensorica vs Jin Key - Only One (Rave Mix)

Review|The Singles (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Basement Jaxx
Basement Jaxx's Greatest Singles! I like Jaxx's style and music. This is a definite must listen to album... Most of Jaxx's songs go up to the top 40s of the chart so you know this duo can really make good songs... these 15 songs all made it to the top 40 and some (I think 6) went all the way to number 1. They've been mixing up genres very well and it shows in their songs. I like it!
Tracks to Watch
Red Alert
Bingo (Bango)
Where's Your Head At
Jump N' Shout
Do Your Thing
Jus 1 Kiss
Samba Magic

Review|Ministry of Sound Clubber's Guide 2005

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
This is a decent album and dishes out some nice dance tunes. Give it a listen and see for yourself.
Tracks to Watch
Disc 1
Uniting Nations - Out of Touch
Eric Prydz - Call On Me
Fatboy Slim - Wonderful Night
Intenso Project ft. Lisa Scott Lee - Get It On [DJ Bomba & Paolo Remix]
Mylo - Drop the Pressure
Axwell - Feel the Vibe [Instrumental Mix]

Disc 2
Angel City - Sunrise [BCD Remix]
DT8 Project - Winter
Commander Tom - Attention [F&W Mix]
United in Dance ft. Lisa Marie - Still the One [Dougal & Styles Remix]
System F - Ignition, Sequence, Start

Review|Human After All (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Daft Punk
Daft Punk's Human After All it's a so so electronica album in my opinion. Again this would probably be an acquired taste and listening to it several times will make you appreciate the sound of Daft Punk more. Give it a try...
Tracks to Watch
Human After All
Rock Robot Rock
Television Rules the Nation

Review|The Understanding (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Röyksopp
This is a great Electronica album from Röyksopp. It's not to heavy and the beats and melody are soothing. Go and listen to it!
Tracks to Watch
Only This Moment
Beautiful Day Without You
What Else Is There
Circuit Breaker
Alpha Male
Someone Like Me

Review|Ministry of Sound Trance Nation Mixed by DJ Nano (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
Trust in Trance... listen to this album! :D

Tracks to Watch
Disc 1
Perasma - Swing 2 Harmony
Rachael Starr - Till There Was You (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
Max Graham ft Jessica Jacobs - I Know You're Gone
Ferry Corsten & Shelley Hardland - Holding On (Sassot & David Con G Remix)
DJ Nano - Aries
Ferry Corsten - Sweet Sorrow (Thrillseekers Remix)
Josh Gabriel - Alive
Three Drives - Greece 2000 (DJ Chus Olympic Rework)
Sherrie Lea - No Ordinary Love (Kyau & Albert Remix)
Randy Kantana - Fancy Fair '05 (Fancy Edit)
Ferry Corsten - Right of Way
Electrovoya - Effervesce
Lost Witness ft. Andrea Britton - Wait For You (Lost Witness Original Vocal)
DJ Nano - Tauro
Cosmic Gate ft Jan Johnston - I Feel Wonderful (12 Inch Mix)
DJ Tatana - Sunset Beach
Miller & Fijeman - San Andreas
Ernesto & Bastian - Darkside of the Moon (Dogzilla Pure Filth Remix)

Review|Perfecto Presents the Club (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Paul Oakenfeld
What's going on with Paul Oakenfeld??? I mean this release leaves much to be desired. Sure it shows Oakey's diverse likes in music but I wonder if he is only doing this to make a quick buck? Is he selling out? I mean even Oakenfeld can't lessen my disdain for Justin Timberlake. I expected much more from Oakenfeld, maybe that's why I'm so disappointed with this album.
Tracks to Watch
Oakenfeld - Southern Sun
U2 - Beautiful Day (Perfecto Remix)
PPK - Resurrection
Deadly Avenger - Artisan
Perfecto Allstarz - Chroma (Long)
Perfecto Allstarz - The Club Theme

Review|Nympho (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Armand Van Helden
Armand Van Helden shows his old school rap and breakbeat roots with this album. It's not really my bag but it's nice to listen to something to different from time to time. Give the album a try who knows you might like it.
Tracks to Watch
Hear My Name
My My My

Review|Hed Kandi Twisted Disco (2004)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
I like it. I feel it would be an acquired taste though compared to normal house and dance tracks. It's good to listen too when driving around or just working on your desktop. This compilation has 2 discs

Disc 1 Tracks to watch
Tweak ft. Robina - Watching You (12" Mix)
The Funky Lowlives (King Unique Vocal) - Sail Into the Sun
Eric Kupper presents The Barrow Gang feat. Bonnie Bailey - I Want Kandi (Twisted Anthem Mix)
Alter Ego - Rocker (Eric Prydz Remix)
Penny Foster - Alone Together (Innervisions Club Mix)

Disc 2 Tracks to watch
Deep Dish - Flash Dance (Original Club Mix)(UK Radio Version)
Solaso ft. Foster Child - Hypnotised
Antoine Clamaran ft. Lulu Hughes - Feel It (Club Control Mix)
Tall Paul - Got It

Review|Poetica (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Iio
Iio finally releases their first album Poetica. It features fantastic vocals by Nadia Ali. Although I am liking it more each time I play it, it seems that it's been too long since this album came out, I mean Rapture came out when I was still in college, around 3 years back? meaning it took their duo approximately 4 years to come out with this? I know that a remixes album would be better (look at the success of the remixes of their first single Rapture). Anyway this is ok for reading or driving but definitely not clubbing (not yet atleast). Tracks to watch: Rapture, At the End, Kiss You, Tantric

Review|Star Wars Revenge of the Sith (Soundtrack)

Category: Music
Genre: Soundtracks
Artist: John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra
John Williams in certainly a master in his own right... the Force is strong with this album. Listening to this album while reading the novel would totally immerse you in the story. Good Listening!
Tracks to watch
removed to avoid spoilers!

Review|Star Wars Revenge of the Sith (Novel)

Category: Books
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Matthew Stover
Simply great. Mr. Stover has made a great interpretation. No more details I'm not into spoilers but I will say this watch out for Anakin, Obi-wan, and Sidious

Review|Hed Kandi Winter Mix (2004)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
This is a great 3 CD release from HK.

Disc 1 is Winter Beach - Tracks to watch
Bonnie Bailey - Safe (Claude Bareau Mix)
Lisa Shaw - Let It Ride (Speakeasy Remix)
Aya - Sean (Mig’s Salted Vocal)
Fac 15 Featuring Cathi Ogden - Blue Skies
Moonlight Vs Azoto - San Salvador
Danny Marquez & Ferry B - Afrocatalans (Hardsoul Emocion Tropical Treatment)
Richard F Ft. Samantha Stock - Let The Sunshine Thru (Main 12” Mix)

Disc 2 is Disco Heaven - Tracks to watch
Andy Caldwell & Jay-J - Give A Little (Moulton Studios Remix)
Who Da Funk - The Night (Vocal Mix)
Peyton - Keep The Faith (Eric Kupper’s Disco Mix)
Steve Anders vs. Andrea T. Mendoza - Can’t Fake It (Andrea T. Mendoza Vs. Tibet Vocal)
DJ Rhythm presents Soul Theory - Drama (Warren Clarke Drama Mix)
Scent - Up & Down (Hott 22 Vocal Mix)
Stonebridge feat. Therese - Take Me Away (Stonebridge Extended Mix)
LnM Projekt feat. Bonnie Bailey - Everywhere

Disc 3 is Twisted Disco - Tracks to wa…

Review|Eric Prydz

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Eric Prydz
Check out this album from the young swedish producer and DJ, Eric Prydz! You'll probably be familliar with some of the 80's songs that he's remixed to become fantastic dance anthems and if If you grew up with these songs you'll probably know them! Tracks to watch 'Fading Like a Flower', 'Take Me Away, ''Call On Me', 'Woz Not Woz'.

Review|Just Be (2004)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Tiesto

Tiesto is definitely out to proove that he is the number 1 DJ in the world today with this album. Tracks to watch Traffic, Love Comes Again, Sweet Mysery, Nyana, Just Be, Adagio for Strings

Album Info

Off to China Tomorrow

I'll be off to China on Business from Tomorrow till Sunday. I've got my plane tickets so there's no turning back. I'm really not looking forward to it. You see when I go off on business especially to China, it's so so so tiring. I better get some rest tonight or else I'll be really out of it tomorrow. Hopefully this trip will be short and successful. I really need to get my shit together to prep for the holiday season.

Preview: Back2Love for Sony Ericsson K750i

Working on a new theme... here's a screen shot. Hopefully this will be done by tomorrow.
I'm on my bed. Connected to my home WiFi network on my PocketPC. Watching TV. Pretty so-so day. Again nothing really good on TV... even HBO dropped the ball: Steven Segal + Ja Rule = Lousy Movie!... Maybe I'll take in a DVD.
I'm in the car right now waiting for my mom to finish up her work... Hopefully the traffic won't be so bad heading home.

I'm really digging this Pocket Blog application. This app, GPRS and superior text/data entry on my Pocket PC enables me too keep my blog updated anytime & anywhere... now that's kewl! I'll probably be adding more entries to my blog compared to my multiply site as that requires more resources (Pocket IE and constant connection to the net). Whereas with this app I can write an entry offline anytime and publish it when I have an internet connection. I'll probably be doing my reviews at multiply still as of course it is more feature rich.

Sony Ericsson K750i Themes

I've started to experiment and study theme making for Sony Ericsson (specifically the K750i). I must say that the Theme Studio is both easier and performs faster than that of Nokia's Theme Studio. I'd say a theme would set you back around 2 to 2.5 hours (if you try and theme all the elements instead of coloring them only). Anyway my first two themes are experimental in nature they are both in their beta stages and waiting on comments from people who I know own a K750i. Here's a sneak peak of my themes...
I've also noticed that the program doesn't follow (or use) my device's or my blog's time and date settings (I think it's GMT-8; I'm on GMT+8) no big deal really as when I access my blog it displays the proper time. Also noticed that errors seem to occur after sync and you try another action (i.e. sync then new entry = error), again the remedy is to restart the application... which loads fast btw! Maybe I'll try this over GPRS later theoretically it should also connect/refresh.
Just installed Pocket Blog beta on my imate JAM. I've been able to configure it easily and actually posted my greeting for Rad (previous post) using my Activesync pass thru... I'm now on our office WiFi network and will see if this posts from my device as well:-)You can checkout for more info.So far I'm getting error messages when attempting to edit stuff I've already saved/posted; nothing major & usually fixed by restarting the application. The tagsforformatting work well :-)Now I can blog on the go! and sync when I have an internet connection.

Sony Ericsson Themes

Just tried making my 1st SE theme in a long time. It is out and being tested by friends hopefully i get some feedback soon to do some more tweaking and to finalize it for release.

HTC Universal (aka SPV M5000) appears on Orange Website

Wooot! Here comes the big guns!!! One of the first PocketPC Phones with 3G and running the newest incarnation of Windows Mobile (v5.0)... This monster device packs monstrous features (which include WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, 1.3 and 0.3MP Cameras, Qwerty Keyboard, VGA Screen, and 180degree rotation for the screen) it comes in at a whopping 285gms!!! Almost 2x the weight of my current PPC Phone (i-mate JAM aka HTC Magician).

Preview: BeachHouse v2.0 for Nokia S60SE

Fresh off the Thememaker and soon to be uploaded to my opera skins page is Hed Kandi Beach House 2.0 for Nokia Series 60SE (6600/7610/6630 etc). Here are some screenshots. I'll post again when it is officially released on my opera site. I haven't been theme making for Nokia s60SE for awhile. I do admit I am a bit rusty... this theme took me 4.5 to 5 hours to complete.
I've been making content for phones ever since the first phone I got that could accept them... started with operator logos and picture messages on a N6110, also dabbled in the odd RTTL ringtone makers and what not. I've always made stuff for free. The sad thing is some have elected to make money off my hard work (as I said each theme takes me 5hrs or more)! A friend recently told me that one of my themes is now for sale in some celphone-fixem-up place at G4 in Makati. I find it unfair that they should sell my themes as I am providing them for free. I believe that the problem is not getting the themes (yo…

At home...

Just finished my dinner, and am watching tv... Nothing really good on right now. I'm actually on my PocketPC and am writting this with a stylus on the SIP. Not the best of experiences but bearable. That's all for now.

New Homescreen|BeachHouse+ v2.0

BeachHouse+ v2.0 for SmartPhone
Deeply Soulful House… Sun Drenched Summer Listening…
2 Homescreens
Startup and Shutdown Screens.
Dial and In Call Banners.
System Screens.
Color Scheme.
External LCD Image (MPx 220)
Installation Instructions:
Download the zip file.
Extract it.
Copy the cab file to your device and run it.
Copy 'BeachHouse+ v2.0.home.xml'or 'BeachHouse+ v2.0m.home.xml' and 'BeachHouse+ v2.0.scheme.xml' to 'Storage\Application Data\Home'.
You may overwrite files.
Copy the folder 'BH_m' and it's contents to 'Storage\Application Data\Home\BeachHouse+ v2.0' (required files for v2.0m to display bars)
Copy 'BH2LCD' to '\Storage\My Documents\ExtLCD'
Set under Phone Settings\Ext. LCD Background Image
Copy 'Dial.gif', and 'Call.gif' to 'Storage\Application Data\Home\BeachHouse+ v2.0'.
Using a Registry Editor (i.e. Resco Explorer)
goto: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Shell/R…

Working on a New Smartphone Homescreen

I'm working on a new Smartphone Homescreen... will probably be done by today. Just taking a break to take in my work and make last minute tweaks before I prepare it for online submission. Here's what it looks like so far, I'm thinking of doing something about the SmartMonitor plug-in(above the icons; under the date) maybe make bars instead of text/numbers. It's BeachHouse+ v2.0 for Smartphone (check out the screenie).

My Smartphone

What's on my Smartphone (MotoBean)?
Brand/Model: Motorola MPX 220
ODM: Chi Mei Communications
ODM Name: na
Model: na
Platform: Smartphone
CPU: Texas Instruments® ARMV4 OMAP1611
Speed: 204 MHz
RAM size: 32 MB
ROM size: 64 MB
LCD: 220 x 176 TFT Colors: 65536
External LCD: 96 x 64 TFT Colors: 4096
Windows Mobile™ 2003 Second Edition
Version 4.21.1088 (Build 15101.1.3.2)
ROM Update versions:
Operator: 0.330.1001.0
Manufacturer: 1.430.0.0
Microsoft: 4.21.15101.0
File System: 4.21.15101.0
On Phone
Resco Explorer - File Manager + Reg Editor
Smartphinger SmartMonitor - Homescreen Plugin
PIE Download Pluin
Custom Homescreens
Custom Tones
On Storage Card
RJ Shortcuts - Homescreen Plugin
OH Contacts Menu - Send Contacts via SMS/Email
Astraware Bejeweled - Game (Puzzle)
Exient Total Soccer - Game (Sport)
Bounty Hunter Pinball - Game (Arcade)
Toki Tori - Game (Puzzle)
SkyForce - Game (Action)
Hexatco Tennis Addict - Game (Sport)
Ruttensoft Call Assistant - Automated…

My Pocket PC

What's on my Pocket PC Phone (BeanJAM)?
Brand/Model: i-mate JAM
ODM Name: HTC Magician
Model: PM10A
Platform: PocketPC
CPU: Intel® PXA272
Speed: 416 MHz
RAM size: 64 MB
Flash size: 64 MB
Flash chip type: 28F256L18
Data bus: 32 bits
Storage size: 7.60 MB
LCD: 240 x 320 TFT
Colors: 65536
Windows Mobile™ 2003 Second Edition
Version 4.21.1088 (Build 15045.2.6.0)
ROM version: 1.12.00 WWE
ROM date: 05/28/05
Radio version: 1.12.10
Protocol version: 1337.42
ExtROM version: not installed
From ExtROM
Arcsoft MMS Composer - MMS Composer.
On Main Memory
-- PocketBreeze 4.3.16 - PIM on your Today Screen ContactBreeze 1.1.01 - Contacts Plug for PocketBreeze PocketWeather 1.00.17 beta - Weather on your Today Screen
Zendrui PocketZenPhone 5.3 - Phone Profiler
Ictinus NoPlugins Today - Disables Today Plugins
SanDisk WiFi SD Card for WinCE 4.0 - Drivers for WiFi SD card
Resco Explorer 2003 5.15 plus Registry Add-in - File Explorer and Registry Edito…

Review|Godskitchen Global Gathering (2004)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
This is a great compilation of 3CDs. It contains great Trance, Dance, Garage tracks. Tracks to watch 4 Strings - Turn it Around, Tiesto - Adagio for Strings, Junior Jack - Stupid Disco, Richard F Feat. Samantha Stocks - Let the Sunshine Thru, Krafty Kuts - III Funk Slammer

Album Info

Review|In My Memory (2002)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Tiesto

Tiesto's first album and it is really a treat for people who love trance. It has 2 CDs the 1st is original material and the 2nd are remixes. Tracks to watch are Obsession, Lethal industry, Flight 643, Suburban train

Album Info

Review|Easy to Assemble (2003)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Chicane
This is a fantastic album may it be for the club, the beach, or in your car! Tracks to watch Love on the Run (although it has been over played in clubs/bars), Daylight, Locking Down, and Spirit.

Album Info

WiFi Troubles

Hmmm having some trouble with our WiFi network here at the office... maybe I should put in a request for a wired connection like my bro told me. Oh well.

Review|No Silence (2004)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: ATB

If you like chill out and vocal trance try this album. Tracks to watch: Marrakech, Ecstasy, and Collides With Beauty. I know in my heart that this deserves higher than 3 stars but I guess lately I've been in the mood for faster or harder trance. So I guess you could consider this as 3.75 stars :) - edit ok I'm giving this 4 stars na!

Album Info

Review|Reflections Special Edition (2003)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Paul Van Dyk

In 2003, Van Dyk released his Reflections Album which was pretty solid! But hey what's better than an album full of great trance tracks? Easy... A Special Edition :)

So you get the Reflections album plus a 2nd CD with different mixes of some of the tracks.

Tracks to watch out for are Time of Our Lives, Spellbound, Buenaventura, and my personal favorite Nothing But You.

Album Info

Review|Russian Trance: Formation (2002)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: PPK
So the album is a bit dated, the group has parted ways I think (?) well they sure left their mark on my musical journey.

If you like trance and electronica you might want to give this album a listen. You might like it, I sure do! Anyway pay attention to Track 5 Vosstaniye and Track 9 Resurrection.


Album Info

Migrating My Reviews

My reviews are up at my multiply site and well I was thinking that it would be better if I start migrating some of my reviews for music, books, software here to my blog... watch this space :o)

New Reviews on the way...

Just finished my review of Trance Energy: Prepare to Dance and got my copies of Hed Kandi: Disco Heaven 01.05 and Hed Kandi: Beach House 04.05, am now working on reviews for these two compilations. But now it's time for some nourishment! Lunch break na! Wooot!

html crazy...

hehe just learning how to play a bit with html and as you can see from my blog i've gone html crazy. I've added extra links, photos, sound, and video to my blog. hopefully this will keep people entertained when they visit my blog. oh yeah and I added a google search bar as well, so if you want to 'google' for something you can do it via my blog as well! :o)

La Baila @ Maestro Lounge


Maestro Lounge, N. Garcia St. (Formerly Reposo) Makati City, Philippines

Friday, August 19, 2005 10PM onwards

OF DJ's:




What I'm listening to...

Here's my current favorite it's by Rum & Coke - Can't Understand just click the play button to listen to a short sample.

You can also check out my multiply site for a couple of reviews I have there. Maybe I'll migrate some of those reviews here we'll see...

Customizing your mobile or your gadget.

As you may have noticed from my last few posts I make content for Mobiles (Nokias in particular), Pocket PCs, and Smartphones. You may be wondering why? Well I'll tell yah. I think that it's fun to personalize your mobile or gadget, it gives your device more identity.
So what can you do to customize your mobile/gadget?
The simplest way is to change the wallpaper or theme (if supported).
You may also want to change your ringtone.
Some people put decals or stickers.
Some people paint their mobiles/gadgets (personally I don't have the skills to do this).
Some even make mods like change the backlight or stuff like that (this would probably void your warranty or damage your device and I don't advise it).
Others attach phone charms or handstraps and many other stuff (these can actually serve as designs and practical ways to hold/carry your device).
Some people customize using carrying cases.
So what are you waiting for? Customize your device now :o)

My WAP site

I also used to own a Nokia N3100 (Series 40) it's with my sis for now since her phone is busted. It's a great lil phone but the problem is it kinda lacks connectivity it has no Infrared (IR) nor does it have Bluetooth, the data cable is also hard to come by... so in the pursuit of customization I made my own WAP site over at I made some wallpapers, screensavers and uploaded some tones (polyphonic). If you're interested you can go to my WAP site by pointing your WAP enabled mobile to the stuff I make is free however GPRS or WAP charges may apply depending on your network provider.