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Where are the WM Pro QWERTY Bars?

**Warning Brain Fart Coming**

When the Sprint Treo 800w was announced I was excited. WiFi and GPS on a Treo... Finally! Since the GSM version hasn't been announced yet, I wasn't shocked into buying one. I've had a chance to think about what the 800w has to offer (I don't expect the GSM release to differ drastically from this device apart from the type of network).

I fear that the more reviews I read about the 800w the more it's loosing it's appeal on me. Right now the WiFi button and the QWERTY keyboard are the only things I am looking forward to. It seems that the device is too late into the game. Unless palm improves their GSM release (higher capacity battery, better soft keys) I might skip this Treo completely.

I will be taking a close look at the hp iPAQ 900 series which has almost identical specs to my TyTN2 but in a QWERTY bar form factor. If it had VGA I'd be knocking on hp's door right now. I hope I see one in HKG this week and get to play with it.

I think the Samsung SGH-i780 lacks bands to be a good business device. So that's the list of viable QWERTY bar Windows Mobile Professional devices.

I purposely did not include offerings from manufactures who are absent in my part of the world. Support is as important as the device itself TBQH.

I hope that manufactures have not order 66'd this form factor. I fear that most of them have been trying to chase the iPhone! Hey you've been there and your users wanted hardware keyboards! I believe that: touch screens are great for navigation but not text entry (unless you're using handwriting recognition but YMMV there too).

I will end this post with what I want in my next device.

400Mhz or higher processor
128Mb RAM / 256Mb ROM or higher
Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 or higher
WiFi 802.11b/g
Bluetooth 2.0
QWERTY bar form factor
Quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE Triband UMTS w/ HSUPA
VGA or higher resolution screen
microSDHC expansion
Camera 2MP or higher

*as you can see the hp iPAQ 900 series is really close to the mark.

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