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Spotify Premium + LTE at Home. TYVM Globe.

The Globe SIM card has activated at 6:38PM. I was able to link my existing free Spotify account and convert it to a Premium account. So I have Spotify Premium until January 21, 2015 2:43AM to be exact. 

Spotify Premium works across all devices even if it was registered via Globe. So it is working on the Mi3W which is currently using my SMART SIM card. 

Now on to the all important data. Do I have LTE at home? 

The answer is yes and the speed is good. This is a definitely a point for Globe and against SMART. 

Let me recap, 

At Home in Mandaluyong city: 
Globe = LTE 
SMART = No Service or GPRS or 3G with no data / slow data.

At Work Marikina city:
Globe = TBD, I need to test it. 
SMART = 3G acceptable speed

Note: with my plan I have 1.5Gb of data or 1500Mb that means 50Mb for 30 days. Not much for a heavy user but I think this will be sufficient for testing and emergency purposes. 


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