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Day 3 with the XiaoMi Mi3

Day 3 on my experiment of going full Android with the XIAOMI Mi3
XIAOMI PHILIPPINES is selling an additional 2,000 units of the Mi3 04-July-2014 at 11:00AM visit If you want to get one I suggest you create an account today and then start refreshing the lazada site 5 mins before the item goes on sale. 
I am still struggling with the size of the device and there is still a sense of un-ease because I am using it without a case.

Speaking of cases, the Mi3 Flip case is no longer marked "coming soon" but I still cannot order it from lazada. Odd.

I have found that the plantronics [Find MyHeadset] app is not compatible (immediately crashes upon launch with no error messages).

I also think that the iPhone handles media & calls better, one time I was playing a podcast using PocketCasts and a call came in but the podcast did not pause playback and I had an active call with a podcast playing. I am not sure if the person on the other line heard this. I have not yet been able to replicate this so this may be a fluke or one time thing.

If I am being totally honest I am missing my iPhone. However I think it is good to change it up some times since I have been using the iPhone for so many years as a primary device.


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