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Back with Globe After 2 Years. I Hope I Don't Regret This...

Got myself a Globe line after 2 yrs.  I hope I don't regret this. 
I chose the lowest plan possible which is P299/mo which has a P500 PV (peso value). For my combo I chose GoSurf 499 which includes.
  • 1.5Gb data
  • Spotify Premium 

So basically I have 1 peso left on my plan and everything else is on top. I do not expect to exceed 1.5Gb as this is a secondary line and not my main one. 

According to Gerry (or Jerry) the sales person at Globe Center V-Mall
  1. My LTE SIM card should be activated in 3 to 5 hours. 
  2. Spotify Premium is free for six months only, after that I can choose to continue the service for 129PhP/mo via Spotify or Globe (I haven't checked)
  3. Data allowance is not affected by using Spotify. I am skeptical that this is the case. I mean will they monitor the traffic on my device and mark Spotify's usage as free while the rest of my consumption is counted against my allowance? [edit: reading between the FAQ lines it seems Spotify Premium will eat up your data allowance. I hope you can still cache the songs over WiFi so your data isn't slurped up.]
  4. As for setup... he said that once my SIM card is active I can switch over my free account to the Premium account. I am a bit skeptical is it truly that simple and easy? Granted Globe is Spotify's network partner. [edit: doing some research online and you can activate Spotify Premium 6-month trial here]
Over the next few days I will chronicle (time permitting) my experience with Globe. This is the 3rd time I have returned to Globe, in the past I left them because of sub-par service. Since my main provider SMART telecom has been deteriorating and repeated complaints have fallen on deaf ears, I have decided to give Globe another chance. As always I opted for a SIM card only option so I am locked for six months only. 

If the service is worse than SMART I will cut the line but if it is better I may have to cut SMART. So I guess both are on probation.


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