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Globe + SMART Follow-up

I visited Globe Telecom Powerplant Mall. I was able to change my plan from 299 to 999 with out the additional charge of an early termination fee (ETF). As I stated in my previous post Globe is dumb and the call center staff did not know what she was saying. 

Along with this new plan I got a bigger LTE data bucket. Globe's 999 plan has a peso value of 1700, I got the GoSurf 999 (5Gb + Spotify premium). 1700 less 999 that leaves me with 701 consumable credits for calls and texts. I asked the staff at Globe Telecom Powerplant Mall and when I exceed the data bucket, I will be charged an additional 1500 pesos (no matter how much I exceed) my other option was to get a different 5Gb bucket that has Globe's Fair-Use Policy. I figured, if I do exceed the cap I would rather pay the 1500 and use the faster LTE than get slowed down to EDGE. Since my cut-off is on the 24th of the month this new plan takes effect on 24-Aug-2015. So I have to be frugal with Globe data for the mean time. 

I also complained about the SPAM texts I have been getting. The Globe lady said they do not sell mobile numbers but they do use recycled  numbers. So I guess that explains (tho it does not  excuse) why I am getting SPAM texts even before I have given out my number to anyone. 

I am no longer on contract with SMART but I have decided to retain my number for the meantime. I am still undecided if I should stay with SMART or maintain both. I did go to SMART wireless center in Powerplant and also complained about my terrible signal at home. Now I have my fourth (4th) service request number since I started complaining in late March. Four (4) months and still no resolution to my signal problem. 


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