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Back to the iPhone 5S, the Mi3W as a 2nd Screen


So after a week on (mostly) only Android. I therefore conclude that the OS has come a long way from gingerbread.

I think credit is due to both Google and Xiaomi. The MIUI does not get in the way. There isn't a lot of useless stuff included (take a hint Samsung). The Mi3W is great value. It is well spec'd and beautifully made. Kudos to X & G, for a JWD.

If I was not heavily invested in the iOS / iTunes ecosystem or I if I were of a mind to seriously switch, it is possible, however it is not totally painless depending on which computer you have (Mac or PC).

Android was designed for the cloud. But in my case I do not trust the Philippine ISPs and Telcos. I would still need offline copies of my content and data simply because our internet is NOT reliable enough. As I have said in my previous ramblings streaming may be big in other countries but it is not a reliable option for the Philippines (YMMV). I do love those free services. Google still has the upper hand when it comes to the cloud, who is Apple kidding with Maps anyway.

Android has better sharing between apps and I don't think I am alone in saying that iOS is lacking in this department big time. Android has file system access and this is a boon for tinkerers or hyper-anal persons who want near total control of their device's contents.

Google Now, should get a special mention, I think Google’s approach to the personal assistant may be creepy but it is really useful. So if you are willing to surrender your privacy to Google (they scan your activity on their services) give it a try. It will certainly come into play as they push their Android Wear platform. And it seems that Google understands me more than Siri.

The phone is a personal device and a personal choice. In the end I return to my iPhone 5S primarily because of these reasons.

Size - it has been heavily rumored that Apple would be increasing the size of their iPhone to 4.7in and/or 5in, and it will be sad day for people who want to use their device with one hand and not have their fingers stretch uncomfortably just to use their phone. Until that day comes though I think I will use my 5S and keep my fingers from hurting a little longer. It’s not only handling the device on hand, it’s also the device in your pocket. The bigger foot print is uncomfortable in hand & pocket. I am not a fan of huge phones.

iTunes - I am heavily into the iTunes eco-system and Google Play still isn’t fully accessible for the Philippines (we got movies this year, music and tv soon hopefully) but until Google Play offers the full range of content why should I switch?

Google services and applications - Google has done a great job on their iOS apps they don’t care what device you use as long as you are using their services. Of course iOS limits what you can use as default and this adds an extra step or two to do what you want. But not a big deal.

So what happens to the Mi3W? Well until I get my case (ETA a week or two, thanks PH customs) it will get a hard reset and become my second screen at home. I have loaded it with content consumption apps like Pocket, Kindle, Audible, Pocket Casts, and Spotify to name a few. I have also installed a few games because obviously aside from reading and watching videos, games are another category that benefits from the big and beautiful screen.


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