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MAPSA Madness

It was unfortunate that my friend, who shall remain nameless, parked against the flow of traffic, which apparently was a violation of some ordinance in Makati. We just didn't know... If the parking attendant was present and doing his job though we probably wouldn't even have gotten in the mess in first place. Moments later even before we had ordered the waiter informed us that the car was about to be towed. The turd of a MAPSA cop was right there waiting for us to play 'the price is right'. So with a bit of haggling we were able to skip a trip to the municipal offices and impound lot. The FORCE is definitely strong with Ninoy Aquino. Big up on my friend for giving me a ride to San Juan, thanks yo! So if ever you're in Makati don't park against the flow of traffic. If you do encounter a turd cop. Rule of thumb is to relax, be polite and try to haggle for a lower bribe, er fine. (HKE) I your good friend, I not lie to you. Ok!

Vincent Benedict Py Castro / Bny / 王清河
via Treo750v + Google
May The FORCE Be With You...


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