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Early Night... Early Day...

After dinner last night we watched Day Watch @ Powerplant... The movie sucked big time... Maybe because it was the sequel and I hadn't seen the one before it (the 1st one was Night Watch). In any case we went out of the cinema with a heavy head and a lighter wallet with no forseeable benefit to cinematic elightenment. My friend highly recommended watching the 1st movie before Day Watch, maybe I should have listened. After the movie we decided to call it a night and went home. My friend has a badminton tournament later today and I reckon he needed to rest to be on his A game. Use the FORCE my friend and smash that cock (shuttle cock that is hahaha). I never was the athletic type and so I guess I make fun out of most sports. Speaking of sports tomorrow my beloved Alma mater goes up against that school in Katipunan. I hope the Green Archers get some revenge after their round 1 defeat to the Blue Eggless (er Eagles). Game time is @ 4:00PM.

I guess sleeping early (2:00am) makes me an early riser (up by 7:30am). Of course the roosters didn't help. Well it's raining again so they've seemed to have been moved by their owners to drier locations probably inside the 7th circle of hell they call home. I frown upon wishing ill of anyone but for fucks sake these devil birds are driving me crazy. I hope they all die. Fuck what their owners hav invested in feeds, meds and steriods to make em fighting birds. True story: I wrote an email to the mayor of our fair municipality (via San Juan's website). No reply, not surprised.

Anyway having my usual tall black coffee here at Ashcreek instead of V-mall. This brain leak of a post being slowly formed with the aid of caf and boredom. The good news is I probably won't be late for my 3:30 dentist appointment which I've already no showed 2 weeks in a row.

Vincent Benedict Py Castro / Bny / 王清河
via Treo750v + Google
May The FORCE Be With You...


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