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The Double Standard

Ok I wasn't really able to get enough sleep mainly because of my recurring rooster problems. Ok that's fine. The roosters are there and there ain't anything that can be done about them. We're moving soon anyways.
Finished getting ready for work and came down at 8am. Only to find out my parents went ahead and left my shobe and me with no car. So we were forced to commute to work. Taxi from the house to the office 135PhP. Which brings me to my point... the DOUBLE STANDARD.
I mean WHAT THE F? We hear all this crap that times are bad and there's a lot of crazy shit happening like kidnappings, rape, robbery, murder etc. and that we shouldn't go out as much because of this. I'm a logical person [most of the times] and this crapass reasoning just doesn't hold well with me. To me it's like: Don't go out because there's some crazy shit going on, but do commute to work. One more time with feelings... WHAT THE F? Here's were the double standard comes in. If I said I'd go out even with a car I get the verbal tirade about the peace and order situation but hey if it's for work you get a green light even if you just commute which really isn't the safest way to travel ain't it. I guess I'm just pissed because waiting for the taxi took longer than them waiting for us. If they'd waited 5 minutes we wouldn't need to wait 10 minutes for the taxi. IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. Is there a lesson behind leaving us behind [this ain't the first time but I guess this time it really pissed me off]? Well maybe there is, I'm sensing it's wake up early and you won't be left behind. The lesson however is lossed in me at the moment because I'm fuming. If I were an asshole I'd be in my bed right now and not be here at the office. As I said I'm a logical man... there's work to be done and so I'm here.
Is there a direct correlation between having fun and danger. If we go out to have fun how is it more dangerous than going to work? If we commute to work how is it less dangerous than if we drive ourselves to a gimmick? Maybe my temper is clouding my judgement at the moment... there's a chance that there is some lesson behind this. Anyway just venting to rant. My Jollibee Super Breakfast is here... laters.


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