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Windows 7 on the Wind

Yesterday afternoon fuel by my weekend geekout success of loading Win7 on an old MSI MEGABOOK M645. I decided to load Windows 7 Pre-beta Build 6081 on my MSI Wind.
NB: Windows 7 Pre-beta was released last October 28, 2008 at Microsoft's PDC and has subsequently been leaked out on the net. It is valid until Aug 2009.
Just to recap:
MSI Wind U100
Intel ATOM 1.6Ghz
Intel 945GM Chipset
WiFi 802.11b/g
160Gb 5400RPM HDD
Installation went smoothly and everything has been detected by the disc I made or by Windows Update. I installed it in the 40Gb OS partition of the Wind U100, of course making a recovery DVD first so I could go back. I went to to get the superbar and other features working.
I am enjoying the Super Taskbar and it makes navigation and using the Wind much better. The downside is now I am wishing that my Wind had a touchscreen.
I put IE8 on the back burner in favor of Firefox and Chrome.
I am still getting used to Windows Media Player 12. I can't seem to find Advanced Tag Editor though... WEIRD! Sometimes it acts up but again this is pre-beta.
I installed Office 12 and have created partnerships with both my Windows Mobile devices using WMDC [Windows Mobile Device Center]
My Windows Experience Index is 3.0 and I am hoping that new drivers for the Intel GMA will be available to improve this.

So far it has been a better experience versus Vista Home Premium on my ex-UMPC a SONY VAIO UX-280P [1.2Ghz ULV / 1Gb RAM / 40Gb HDD] of course that system had lower specs all around...
So far I have installed the following applications without issue:
Microsoft Office 12
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Avast Home Edition
Live Messenger
Live Photo Gallery
Yahoo Messenger
MSI SCM System Control Manager
Apps I could not install:
Daemon Tools
Gotchas: With the 1024x600 screen on the Wind some windows are cut off.
What I like:
The SuperTaskbar
I will keep Windows 7 on my Wind for a bit longer to see if it has a positive impact on device uptime. That being said I am impressed with this pre-beta of Windows 7, I hope the final release adds even more improvements.


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