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Review|Nancy Jane (2008)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Nancy Jane [Castiglioni]

It's been awhile since I've reviewed any albums... My bro handed me this CD and asked me to have a listen since he knew I liked Electronic music. I was quite surprised that it was by a local actress. So I popped it into my music player and gave it a listen.

Here's my take on this album...

I personally haven't heard her sing so I don't know if she has the talent or the voice to put out an album. Then again with the tech these days you can do most anything digitally... Most of the vocals on the tracks seem to be digitally altered, nothing new nor wrong with that in the Electronica scene. I do get a distinct impression that she is trying to channel Bailey [yes Ms. Everafter] commercially a good move, we all know that Pinoys have grown to love her [Bailey's] sound/voice. This is all well and good BUT to do it for almost the entire album is a bit much for me. I can't stop but feel that the tracks are just illegitimate or bastard children of Everafter [which I've grown to despise by the way], except may be for 2 or 3 tracks. I also feel that by trying to stick to the Everafter formula Nancy Jane was not really able to show her full vocal range or prowess, which is really too bad. I would have liked to hear a track or 2 which did this.

Personal biases aside, a good effort from Nancy Jane and the producers, it feels good that local artists are delving into Electronica some more. The album is very lite and would be a great accompaniment to a Sunday long drive, lounging by a pool, or enjoying a few drinks. It won't get a place on my music player of choice though. YMMV.

My pick/s: Control [Blanco Mix] / [Chaplain Mix]


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