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Embassy Club Closed for Renovation

Ok. Time to weight in on this...
Micro-blogging sites and blogs have been buzzing with the news about your fave club being closed by the city government of Taguig. This came after a patron was reportedly assaulted by a DJ. Embassy has also been on the limelight prior to this as fights often occur inside or outside the club. Well what do you expect liquor + cramped place + testosterone = mayhem. The drug issue has also been raised but not confirmed (daw). I'm not really affected by this closure which I think will be temporary, haven't been to Embassy since March. Some of the events slated at the sprawling club are being moved to alternate locations.

Some micro-bloggers say that Embassy has posted 'closed for renovation' on their doors. Sounds way better than 'closed for investigation' don't cha think?

I'll end this post with a hasty (probably malformed) Haiku:
Were oh were will the people go?
Piedra? Ascend? Fiamma?
Embassy is closed, oh no!
Vincent Benedict Py Castro / Bny / 王清河
via HTC TyTN II + Google
The FORCE Will Be With You Always...


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