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Tips & Tricks | Inbox Search / Search

I'm back with another tip for all you Windows Mobile users out there! This one is really simple but oh so useful, I've been using this daily ever since it was introduced to the platform :D. Do you get huge amounts of emails on your device? How about SMS? Ever got frustrated that you had to scroll endlessly to find that one message you need to forward or keep? Well let me free you from the anxiety this Independence Day with this simple tip!
You may not know this but your Windows Mobile device has a nifty inbox search function. Works for SMS/MMS and Emails.
Just start typing out letters of either senders or subjects and it will automatically filter out the messages for you.

[In this example I typed out 'celtics' and it filtered the emails for me in real time!]
I have 3 Google IMAP accounts, Windows Live, and Yahoo Email syncing to my PDA [that's 5 email accounts]. Add SMS/MMS and I have heaps and heaps of messages to go through in a day.
Used with the keyboard shortcuts this really makes message management easy on your device. You can easily find and sort messages and even keep them in their own folders if you like.
I hope this helps folks out there who are starting to get overwhelmed by their inboxes.
Note: The old school Search application is still there and you may use this also of course this one has the ability to search elsewhere on your device. But the inbox search would suffice for normal day to day usage IMO. For heavier lifting and searching for other items like Appointments, I recommend the Search App. Start > Programs > Search

[The Search App. has more options but you do have to wait a bit longer for results]
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I just wanted to share some stuff I learned over at xda-dev's forum today.
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