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HTC Kaiser WM6.1 ROM a Huge Dissapointment....

Ok this might be a rant post but it has to be done...

I have an HTC TyTN2 aka Kaiser [if you don't know the Kaiser is the manufacturer's code for the device, I will refer to the device as Kaiser from now on]

Ok so I've been a good little boy and was really patient and waited before installing the update. Why did I wait? Well I wanted the applications to catch up to the OS, yes it was just a point update but some apps were not working so well on 6.1 so I decided to wait.

So yesterday I decided that I should finally go 6.1, did a backup of my device, sync'd my PIM data and went ahead with the ROM update. Everything went smoothly and I was installing my essential applications without any complications.

PIM data was sync'd, I was using chat sms, and zooming in PIE. The problems began when I started customizing my device. I always have cleartype enabled on both portrait and landscape modes on my devices because I feel it's softer on the eyes especially since I stare at my device for hours on end everyday. Surprise surprise HTC shipped a ROM that could not display menus and certain text properly if cleartype for landscape was enabled...! I tried using the device with cleartype off for landscape but after a few hours I could not take it anymore. I needed to have cleartype on my eyes were so used to the smoothness it brought to the fonts.

So today when I got to the office I tried another 6.1 ROM [this time from HTC SEA - South East Asia] and got the same bug... This left me with either forcing my eyes to get used to the cleartype-less fonts or reverting back to a 6.0 ROM which didn't have this bug. I chose to revert to 6.0, as I type this blog post I am flashing my device to a WM6.0 HTC SEA WWE ROM [previously I was running my Kaiser with the HTC WWE Shipping ROM]. You know what ticks me off? Well this the ROM chefs put out ROM after ROM and this sort of bug is not there... HTC should be ashamed of themselves and rectify this situation ASAP. Something this small and simple should not be overlooked and forgotten by engineers or programmers. I'm really disappointed with the way they have supported the Kaiser. It's an amazing device that is being crippled by less than proper support and updates.

If this keeps up my next device might not be HTC...
WWE 6.1 ROMs with ClearType Landscape Bug:
Currently running:

Resume Maker


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