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Thinking of cutting some weight. Yes, I #kegaw even health & fitness

32M, Asian, 139lbs 5"4 BMI is 23.9 

Thinking of cutting some weight (10-15lbs) to make body weight exercises easier. I don't want to go on a diet or anything, may be less salt to reduce water retention. I need the carbs for energy and protein to rebuild muscles for sure. 

Here is the BMI calculator I used, I like it because it has adjustment for ethnic group:

My eternal foe sleep deprivation & insomnia I think is contributing to my slow (well I think it's slow) recovery. I need to sleep and let my body heal but pain or my brain either wakes or keeps me up. 

I'm 1 session shy of finishing my PT (or phase one of it at least) the doctor is supposed to re-evaluate, and make a recommendation. 

Therapist M says it's possible that my patella is not sliding into place properly as I bend my knee, that is why I have pain. She also points out that my quads are too weak. 

NB: if you see my right leg shaking it means my muscles are tired. I am not doing a bad Elvis impression nor am I unconsciously spanking the monkey. 

I dunno if I'm going for more PT. I can do most of the body weight exercises at home. What I don't have are the machine weights, ultrasound & nerve stimulator gizmo. 


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