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Review // Boxing Gloves


I've been buying tracks like a madman ever since I found out that @audiojelly was having an all tracks at 0.99c sale. 

One of the releases I picked up over the weekend was Boxing Gloves by Ad Brown and Kerry Leva. Released on the Songbird label. To be honest I happened by it on accident, was browsing around and saw the title I became curious and saw that it was an Ad Brown and Kerry Leva track. Their names were familiar because I had been playing "As The Rain Falls" frequently last year.

A nice progressive track nothing to heavy which brings out, Kerry Leva's sweet sounding vocals. With lyrics that may (or may not) hit you in the gut, pun intended. I thought this was a knockout for sure (ok ok I'll stop with the boxing references). In any case I think this will surely be a nice track to feature on the podcast. The release has three tracks: original, kerry leva remix and a dub mix thrown in for good measure. 

For the lyrics fiends that are reading here is what I found for it: 

There is something that you're hiding
I can see it in your eyes
If you need to take some time alone
I don't mind, I don't mind

I think I know just what you're trying to say
We're on shaky ground
But give it time and you'll feel better
When you calm down, when you calm down

(And I know that you'll come around
I know that you'll come)

When you're talking to me
You're making no sense at all
Take your boxing gloves off
I'm not the enemy at all, no

And I know that you'll come around
I know that you'll come
When you realise
I'm always on your side 

I've attached a youtube video for your convenience...

Follow the link bellow to hear a sample and purchase the tracks


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I just wanted to share some stuff I learned over at xda-dev's forum today.
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