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Sun Cellular, up sold me to a non-existent mobile data plan. *OUCH!*

I always make fun of people getting up sold in HKG or SG by those rascals that sell electronics. Well Karma is probably ROFL’ing about this…

Here is the timeline:

9/3/09 – Arrive in MNL from PVG, Sun line disconnected, exceeded credit limit because of roaming

9/4/09 – Visited Sun Shop Greenhills Shopping Center

paid 3,283.99 = re-connection fee

Signed up for unlimited DATA on phone & received a Sunbroadband SIM

paid 799 x 2 = 1598.00 = 2 months advanced deposit to waive lockout and get unlimited data on both my phone / broadband SIM (or so I thought). I even asked when unlimited would go live on my phone because I knew I would be using the phone more vs the data SIM.

9/5/09 – Broadband SIM goes live I start using both but more the phone vs the broadband SIM in my netbook.

9/9/09 - received system message that my line was nearing credit limit again. called SUN CS was informed everything was ok I was on unlimited DATA & CTU.

9/10/09 – phone get’s disconnected, exceeded credit limit due to high data usage. Called SUN to complain and went to SUN shop Marikina where I was informed that I signed up for a non-existent plan! Had to pay 1651.63 to have my line re-connected again.

9/11/09 – Called SUN CS and complained about the misinformation. I have 3 service request numbers and I am giving them a week or two to investigate and deliberate about my case & request.





Right now the ball is in SUN’s court I have been very patient with all this but I do hope they do something about this. Still IMO among the 3 carriers we have they are the smallest and the least evil. All the reps I have talked to on the phone or face to face have been very polite and apologetic it is their fault after all.

Not to be boastful but I think I am a good customer. I pay on time and always pay in full. I only complain when something is wrong. In this case something is VERY VERY VERY WRONG. Again I would like to stress that it is unclear if the up sell was done intentionally or was done in ignorance but the up sell did occur.

I feel cheated because I was up sold to an non-existent plan, I double checked to ask if I would get unlimited data on my phone and they said YES, thereby misleading me to incur data charges (exceeding my credit limit in 5 days!!!) getting disconnected again, then being told my plan did not exist and was not technically possible only to find out they have a plan specifically with what I want except for a few things (handset/lockout). I have a request to waive the handset and shorten the lockout on a SIM only plan which right now isn’t offered. Honestly with all the CRAP they have put me through (intentional or otherwise) I think I deserved a little break and  some concessions from them. I’d be happy with Call & Surf Unlimited, No handset, 6 months (max 12 months) lockout, for 999 a month.


I hope more people request for the SIM only plan. SERIOUSLY who has heard of the ZTE F188 before visiting this site?


  1. Medyo nakakainis nga. I hope they approve my request though I think it's the least they could do.


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