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Last 04-Sep I was lead to believe that adding 799PhP to my 350 CTU (Call and Text Unlimited) would give me unlimited data on both my phone & the broadband SIM. Well apparently I was mistaken. So in 5 days (my phone got re-connected on the 5th) I have already gone over my monthly credit limit which is 1500PhP (default for CTU 350). I thought I was on unlimited but was actually being charged the normal rate which is 10PHP per 30mins. Fraking hell. Right now my Sun is blocked for out going SMS & calls, waiting to get re-connected again and have requested an increase in credit limit. I would really piss me off that I was upsold to an non existent plan. I am not sure if the service rep at the business center I visited upsold me or misunderstood me. Or if I misunderstood him and was too eager to sign up when hearing unlimited and bundle in the same sentence. What’s clear is this I now have 2 SIM cards 1 with unlimited broadband but no SMS or calls; the other is my line which can do SMS/calls & has CTU. I would prefer a single SIM with unlimited data and CTU.


So my boycott of SMART is on hold until my Sun line goes live again. The only bit of good news is once again PLDT DSL is not working with our router and I am actually using the broadband SIM with my U123H to type and send out this blog post. There you go I am actually using the product that I thought was upsold to me. Honestly I was livid but thinking back I hate PLDT & SMART more so Sun get’s a free pass for now…


  1. hey. I'm just intrigued 'bout the use of 3g feature of 3g netbooks especially the one you have (u123h). Is it really working even if as I heard, our TeleComs rejected and disApproved the imports of 3g netbooks here in the Philippines.

  2. Erick not sure about that ruling but my netbook came with an NTC sticker. It's open line & uses any sim card


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